We do not play games with you with your terminal needs -
I know you have seen other processors offering Free terminals.  Nothing is Free!  You will be paying for that Free terminal with either higher rates or hidden fees on your statement for as long as you do processing with them, (hidden back end lease).  You have looked over your monthly statements.  Can you make out what the legit charges are and what are added fees to make up for so-called Free equipment and services?  If you call customer service about a charge they will always have a good answer for you that sounds legit.

Own Your Own Terminal -
1. Purchase one of the New EMV terminal.
2. We do offer Terminal Leases for those situations that need it.

Wireless terminals -

Wireless terminals are are also available.  Great for Seasonal Businesses.

Save thousands of dollars over the life of your merchant account -
Processors that offer so called Free terminals will charge you on the back end each and every month as long as you process with them.  It is always cheaper to pay up front instead of the the back end.  It Is Your Money!  Do you want to pay over and over each month for that so-called Free terminal?