Google Earth Installation

Viewing the Mid-South Greenways Map via Google Earth on your personal computer is a great way to plan your next trip to our Region’s parks, greenways and open space. Just follow the easy steps below and you will be a virtual explorer of our Mid-South Greenways!

Download these instructions at:


  1. Go to and download the Mid-South Greenways Map KML file and save this file to a location on your computer that you will remember.

  2. For Google Earth Plug-in: Go to and follow the download/install instructions.

  3. For Google Earth software: Go to and follow the download/install instructions. 

  4. Find the saved Mid-South Greenways Map KML file on your computer and double-click. This will automatically open Google Earth and take you to existing Parks, Greenways and Open Space locations in the Mid-South Region.

How to Use the Mid-South Greenways Map

The Map will open to a view of approximately 178 miles with major features indicated. As you Zoom-In, additional features will begin to appear. Point your cursor at a named icon and click. An Information Box will open to tell you more about the feature that you have selected. Information (when available) includes:

  • Trail Name
  • Location Name
  • Location
  • Hours
  • Parking
  • Restrooms
  • Water (potable for consumption)
  • Other
  • Additional Information (website of organization)
  • Directions to Here (provided by Google Maps)

The information provided was gathered in 2011 from web-based sources available or from stakeholder organizations. The Map is not a comprehensive list of all parks, greenways and open space in the Mid-South Region. Additional information will be included as it is provided. For more information or to suggest additional information, please contact our Mid-South Greenways Coordinator.