Whether your roof needs repairs or you are looking to create a whole new look by changing your roof line and improving the curb appeal, we will dispose of old roofing and make sure your home has the roof you want.



Need to bring a fresh look to your home, or create more space? We will work with you and your budget. Whether you need someone to take your project on, help with design and do all the work or you're a do-it-yourself homeowner who needs someone to step in and do a few projects for you, our team will do as much as you need.

Ready to build a new home, business, or custom project? We have the expertise and experience you need to make sure your project is done right. We can create plans based on your vision, modify plans and help you make your concept a reality.

Our teams build small homes, luxury homes, churches, businesses, barns and even horse complexes.
Mid South Builders has the engineering experience to make sure your structure can stand the test of time.