Welcome to the Middle PA Church of the Brethren Lending Library.  As society changes and more of God's children decide to worship in other ways, we are losing available resources within our church to fully operate many current activities.  The hope of this lending library is to provide the connecting link so that needed resources can be found within your area for you to use.  This will allow congregations the opportunity to share and combine resources across our area churches and across our district.

The links below describe resources that are available within the different areas of the district and a link to the form that a church member can complete describing what resources they have to share from their church.  This lending library resource form can be submitted online or printed, fill out by hand, and mailed to Kris Shunk at the District Office.  Once information is submitted through this form, the lists below will automatically be updated with the newest information.

Lending Library to Share Resources: (please note, once resources are submitted the links below will show the information; currently no resources are available...YET.)

Visit the page "Lending Library Sharing Form" to submit your resources to share with the district.