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Mid-Ohio Valley Amateur Radio Club, Inc.


Article I - Purpose

The purpose of the club is to bring together those amateurs interested in:

-Recognizing the value of emergency and technical skills

-Advancing the radio art

-Improving communication and technical skills

-Increasing the number of trained radio operators and electronic expert

-Improving international goodwill

-Financing the needs of the club

It is the policy of the Mid-Ohio Valley Amateur Radio Club, Inc. to provide equality of opportunity for all persons wishing to join our club, participate in our programs, or do business with our club without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, age, religion, sexual orientation, disability, or veteran status.

Article II

- Membership

An eligible applicant is qualified by being a licensed radio operator. Membership to this club shall become effective by approval of an application by the club officers and by the club membership by vote at a business meeting in addition to paying membership dues to the Treasurer.

There shall be two classes of membership in this club

Regular – This class shall be a voting membership open only to duly renewable licensed members

Family – Same content as regular, but available when more than one immediate licensed family member is residing at the same address, and wishes to join the club.

Article III - Officers

The officers in this club are the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and three club trustees

Article IV - Meetings

Meetings may be called by the President or Vice President or by any five or more members, making it known that they wish to have a meeting. The meeting must be announced to the membership ten days prior to the called meeting date. Otherwise, the club shall regularly meet on the first Saturday of each month. The meetings shall be regulated as per Robert’s Rules of Order. The club president will appoint a parliamentarian.

Article V - Amendments

Amendments to this constitution or bylaws shall be submitted in writing to one of the officers. This amendment shall be signed by at least three voting members. A meeting shall be called within thirty days after the amendment is given to an officer, and the membership shall be notified by written or electronic means of the time, place of the meeting, and provided with a copy of the proposed amendment. A majority vote by members present is needed for amendment passage.


Article I - Quorum

A majority vote of members present is needed to transact business in this club. A quorum consists of five members.

Article II - Dues

The costs of annual dues for a regular membership and for family membership are the same. FAILURE TO PAY DUES WITHIN SIXTY(60) DAYS FOLLOWING THE REGULAR MARCH MEETING DATE WILL TERMINATE THE MEMBERSHIP. TO REJOIN REQUIRES THE FILLING OUT OF A MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION, THE APPROVAL OF THE CLUB MEMBERS BY SECRET BALLOT, AND PAYMENT OF ANNUAL DUES. Licensed amateurs may become a member for the first time for the dues amounting to one-half regular membership on a one-time basis. Thereafter, the regular dues amount will be required.

Article III – Duties of Officers

Section 1. The President shall appoint all committees after the appointees have been discussed and recommendations made by the membership present at any regular meeting or special meeting.The president shall preside at all meetings, and conduct them according to the rules adopted. The president shall enforce due observance of this constitution and by-laws; decide all questions of order; sign all official documents adopted by the club, and perform all other duties pertaining to the office of president.

Section 2

. The vice president shall assume all the duties of the president in that absence. In addition, the vice president shall organize club activities, plan and recommend contests for operating benefits, and advance club interest and activity as approved by the club.

Section 3.

The secretary shall keep the constitution and by-laws of the club and shall have these documents with him/her at every meeting. The secretary will note all amendments, changes and additions on the constitution and shall permit it to be consulted by members upon request. The secretary shall keep all minutes of all meetings, and keep all official records of the club, including all incorporation papers and memos of understanding. The secretary shall have all official club documentation available upon request of the officers or membership.

Section 4.

The treasurer shall maintain financial records as they apply to a public charity and IRS requirements, and shall provide a verbal financial report at each regular meeting.

Section 5. The duties of the Fiduciary Trustee are in accordance with the State of Ohio rules governing a non-profit incorporation, and is entrusted with the fiduciary responsibilities and obligations associated with it.

Section 6. The facilities trustee is responsible for overseeing building repairs. The facilities trustee may perform repairs needed without the approval of the membership, if the total outlay for the repair is $100.00 or less. The facilities trustee may appoint additional members with specific skills as needed to perform the repairs and upgrades in a safe and efficient manner.

Section 7. The education trustee is responsible for coordinating the training of members and prospective radio amateurs. This trustee will also be the club contact for public relations and will work with the vice president in regard to special events and media affairs.

Article IV – Election of Officers

The election of officers shall be held at the March meeting, voted upon by secret ballot.

A nominating committee will provide officer and trustee nominations. The trustee nominations will be submitted for the Fiduciary Trustee, Facilities Trustee, and Education Trustee positions. The nominating committee shall consist of three members who will be appointed by the president before the January meeting. The committee shall submit its nominees to the membership before the March meeting. Additional nominations may be made from the floor when the other nominees are presented. A new officer will serve for two years (one term). Any officer can serve for two consecutive terms in their present position if nominated for the second term and approved by the membership.

Article V – Officer vacancy

If the president’s office becomes vacant, the vice president will fill the vacant position. If vacancies in any other office should occur between regular elections, the replacement shall be chosen by a vote of those members in attendance at the next regular business meeting. Replacement shall be chosen by secret ballot. The term of office shall then be for the remainder of the unexpired term.

Should any officer of the club have to be off more than three (3) consecutive meetings due to medical reasons, they should notify the president of the club which in turn will discuss this vacancy with the membership and temporarily elect a member to fill the vacancy until the officer can return and fill the original vacancy. This action will be used in the case of a work related absence, sickness, and death in the family or other emergencies.

Article VI – Officer resignation

Any officer or club trustee desiring to resign that position shall do so by sending the resignation by written or electronic means to the club president, vice president, secretary or treasurer.

Article VII – Station trustee

The station trustee shall be selected by the vote by members at a regular business meeting, and is charged with the proper, legal operation of the club stations, repeaters, and equipment as directed by the FCC rules and regulations governing amateur radio. Appointment of station trustees is made every five years by the voting of members. The station trustee may designate other members to serve as control operators, and assists with the maintenance and operation of the club stations.

Article VIII– Repeater technical committee

The repeater technical committee, a standing committee, was established by appointment of the club president. The combined two meter, 70cm and packet radio repeater technical committee consisting of five club members shall have responsibility for the maintenance of the club radio equipment and radio equipment.

that is in their care. The members of the technical committee will elect their chairman of the committee, who in turn is responsible to the station trustee. One member of this committee shall be replaced each year in order to generate a pool of trained operators available, and to enhance learning among club members. The replacement rotation will be determined by a lottery. A committee member, once replaced in this manner, shall be considered as ineligible to be a member of this committee for a period of two years. The club president shall appoint all members of this committee.

Article IX – Legal Committee

The legal committee, a standing committee, has the responsibility of ensuring that the legal requirements of the State of Ohio are met regarding a non-profit organization. The legal committee consists of the statutory agent and the fiduciary trustee.

Article X – Grievances

Grievances concerning a club member’s action or inaction regarding club by-laws or other matters relating to the club must be submitted in writing to the club president. The president shall notify the offending member and the club membership of the concern within 14 days of receiving it, and give the grievance and the accused member the opportunity to be heard by the officers before the membership considers action on the case.

The club officers may then take one the following courses of action:

-Recommend dismissal of the grievance with just cause

-Recommend a course of action, short of suspension, subject to approval of the eligible voting membership present at a regular business meeting

-Recommend suspension of the club member, to include the removal of some or all membership privileges for a temporary period as determined by the voting membership present at a regular business meeting

-Recommend that the member be removed from the club membership.

The treasurer may pay upon receipt all utility bills for the club. Any other bills or expenditures shall be approved by vote of the club membership prior to payment. Any member who expends his own funds for club purposes may be reimbursed by submitting a bill to the treasurer and approved by club membership vote.

The membership will determine the action at a special or regular meeting.

Article XI – Expense authorization