Field Day 2018

Field Day 2018 was a success. Here are a few words from club president, Bob Atkins (KE8EC):

Thanks to all of you who made our Field Day 2018 a success! I think most all of us agree that moving the FD site from Mound Hill to Ed’s (KE8GOK) farm worked out very well for us. Plenty of areas to set up stations and ample power supply to run stations. In addition, the food for our operations that day was very good indeed. Thanks to Bruce, KD8WDA for arranging the food supply as well as manning the grill for the burgers and got dogs. The side dishes were also of the best quality. And desserts…

The new band pass filters were also a big success, I was sitting directly across from Mo, KD8DCW who was operating SSB on 20 meters, I was on SSB on 40 meters, and our antennas were within a few yards of each other. We heard nothing in terms of interference from either station.

We also appreciate the presence of the two MARS members who shared Field Day with us, I understand from Ed that they were very pleased with our operations. Also, I was glad to see that Pat, KC8OYQ, had built a few satellite antennas and was working on making contacts with them. We have a lot of room to roam on that mode! I must say that his idea of quickly assembling a station from bits and pieces was a good exercise for us, and I think we should try that one again before the year is out.

Also I thank Andrew, K8ATG for supplying the great logging software and thanks to David KD8KTS for arranging a quick and effective ‘net connection to tie the laptops together to form a common log sheet.

Please forward copies of any photos that you may have taken to Andrew, K8ATG, I imagine he will want to post those on the web site.

Whether it’s the hamfest or Field Day, we are surely blessed with people who will take on responsibility and turn out excellent results. Both of these club functions are getting better each year.

Thanks all round, 73,


Club members completing an ARES exercise drill.

A look at a few antennas used for FD.

Dave (W8HUD) is showing that his wrench makes an effective device for getting your wire antenna over a tree for FD.

David (KD8KTS) operating PSK31 on 20m.

Moe (KD8DCW) taking a break from the contesting.

A few more antennas that were used on FD

A raspberry pi acting as a file server holding the club's logging information.

Another PSK31 station on the air.