Club Picnic/Foxhunt

MOVARC held a club picnic and foxhunt at club member Ed's (KE8GOK) property. Thanks to Ed for hosting us and to all who participated. It was a great time. Here are a few words from club president, Bob (KE8EC) about the event.

"First, let me say that our foxhunt, held on October 13, was a very good hunt and another learning experience! The club’s new foxhunt transmitter, a donation from Ed, KE8GOK, and programmed by Bruce, KD8WDA, was working very well and one of Ed’s MARS buddies, Dave, had also brought his foxhunt transmitter that delivered a different style of signal, allowing us to search three times for the different transmitters. Ed had gone to great lengths to make the foxhunt a big success, and had made many preparations for the function, with Bruce giving a quick and effective discussion on the subject of using triangulation to find a transmitter just prior to the actual search.

After a trudge over Ed’s property, a lunch of burgers, hot dogs and the trimmings was provided by the club and prepared by KD8WDA. The lunch break gave us opportunity to discuss our searches and I would say that generally everyone enjoyed the outing and had ideas for the next one. Some antenna ideas were very timely and we should take a look at refining our antennas to really draw down on that elusive fox! Thanks to everyone who made our foxhunt a success! And, we met another potential radio operator in the making, that one being Steve’s (KE8JGE) son (who, incidentally, did remarkably well in finding the fox transmitters!)

Also, I received an email from Dale, K8NDM, inviting us to contact him on Saturday afternoons on 20 meters. I will attach the verbiage of Dale’s email at the end of this message, as it lists what he is currently running there in Colorado, when to try and what frequencies he will be working. Very glad to hear from Dale and I hope we can have several QSO’s with him in the future. Here’s a hint: Dale likes CW!

Another great item: Pat KC8OYQ had located a 30’ tower in the Patriot area that was ours for the taking. He and a few others piled in to the truck, cut down and disassembled the tower, and stowed it at Ed’s. Great catch, Pat! Looks like it may need just a coat of paint.

As I mentioned earlier, several ideas about the next foxhunt opportunity were discussed, so bring all those ideas to our next MOVARC meeting, to be held November 03 at the 911 Center, Gallipolis, at 8:30 AM. I will follow up in a few days with the upcoming meeting’s agenda.

Thanks again and 73 73,

Bob KE8EC"