July Membership Meeting is moved to July 11 at Shaum's
We currently do not have pavement available
so the 2018 schedule is tentative.

Welcome to the Mid Ohio Sports Car Club, Ohio's Oldest Independent Sports Car Club Established 1956
We are an independent sports car club located in Mansfield, Ohio
What to Expect...
We are primarily an autocross club but we also have monthly social events as well. Our logo is a little deceiving, none of our members drive MG TD's, however a few do have rusted out floor boards, wear goofy hats and smoke. Many of the members have very nice cars, but we generally don't do a lot of car polishing and car shows.
We have approximately seven autocross competitions each year. We use SCCA Solo II class structure. (see links page for more info)
We are a small club. Expect 20 to 30 total competitors. With so few competitors, we sometimes get up to eight runs and our course length often exceeds 1 minute per run. If you have competed in SCCA events, you need to be aware of a few key differences. First, we are a CAR club. Our insurance does not cover go karts so leave them home! Second, our insurance does not allow passengers. Third, helmets... bring yours if you have one. We have a few loaner helmets, but you may have to share. (Sharing helmets is a lot like sharing underwear. Sometimes it's OK, but on a hot sweaty day it's nice to have your own!)

Tech inspection: Your car will have to pass a safety inspection. We will be checking for secure battery, no loose items including floormats, functioning brakes and seat belts, no loose wheels or wheel bearings, tires with no cord showing and anything else deemed unsafe.

We will have a porta-potty on site.
We will take a 30 to 45 minute lunch. Either pack your lunch or hustle for some carryout. There are several options in Shelby.
Bring sun screen on those sunny days.

Autocross etiquette and common sense...
We would like to be around for another 60 years so your grandchildren can have the same kind of fun competing in their nuclear-solar hybrid Jetsonmobiles. A couple key items are insurance and a location to hold events. If you do anything to screw those up, it would be best if you go into hiding.
Please treat the staff at Pioneer CTC and the residents of Shelby with respect. No burnouts on the streets. If your exhaust is loud, keep it on idle and sneak in and out of town.