About Our Club

Why is the club named Midnite Trail Riders? Legend has it that the club name came about because of the founders worked until ten and started riding at midnight.

Our club was established in 1968 and was named Bayside. In 1972 the club became incorporated under the name Midnite Trail Riders.

We are located in Champion, WI which is approximately 10 miles NE of Green Bay, WI.

Our trail runs north along Hwy 57 and connects to the Red River Riders trail system which will take you to the very popular Door County. If you choose to travel east then you will connect to the Kewaunee trail system which lead you to the Ahnapee State Trail and Lake Michigan. Turning south you will connect with the Sugarbush Trail Tramps trail system which will take you to the rolling hills of Neshota Park.

We exist to improve the sport of snowmobiling. Our club has 8 safety instructors that hold one to two safety classes per year. We also are members of the Brown County Snow patrol. We have 6 members that are working together to promote safe and enjoyable snowmobiling for everyone, while respecting the rights of the landowners.

Midnite Trail Riders is 100% Association Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs (AWSC) sanctions. We are also members of the Brown County Snowmobile Alliance (BCSA).


President -
Jay Thompson
Vice President - Judd Miller
Secretary - Heidi DeBaker
Membership Chair - Kim Andersen
Treasure - Jill Treadway

Board of Directors:
Craig Treadway
Nick DeBaker
Jim Anschutz
Gary Fiala