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ゆめ の しろい おちて ゆき ♫ ユメ ノ シロイ オチテ ユキ ♫ Yume no shiroi ochite yuki.♫ Dreams of white falling snow.♫











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Hello and welcome to Lauren's site! I am sooo excited!!! This is my first site!! Thanks to Google PageBuilder, I'm able to share my art with you guys! You can also check out what songs I like and listen to them while you surf around on my site (only works if you get the playlist in a separate window/tab. THANK YOU PLAYLIST.COM!!! You can also see what art projects I'm working on currently and how far I am on them.Woot. I added my blog! Yesh! Now you don't have to click on the link in the old page but all that you have to do is click on the link to the left and you'll be sent to my Blogspot blog.

I am a complete n00b at site building right now so don't expect this to be the most awesomest site ever(if you think so, then thx) If you have any questions about anything on this site, contact me at

I am available for chat too so you can talk to me that way.