DIADHEM IS:

Egyptian-Related,Blue List, Al Khamsa,Asil Stallion

  •  SCID Clear                                                                               
  • IAHA Sweepstakes Nominated
  • True Black Arabian Stallion


        DIADHEM HAS:                        

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  • Size
  • Beauty
  • Presence
  • Correctness
  • Great Legs
  • Much more...

          DIADHEM is a Stallion who has a Wonderful Pedigree,Great Beauty and Personality. He is A True Black,( actually Blue Black) and as far as color; he has sired only Black, Black Bays and Bays.

   His Pedigree includes Many Great Horses: *Adhem, Alaa El Din,*Morafic,*Ansata Bint Mabrouka, Hanad. View Diadhem's Pedigree.

                         View Photos of Diadhem.

 As already noted; Diadhem is Blue List, Al Khamsa, Asil; his bloodlines are not only Rare but Precious as well. It is important to Midnight Dreams Arabians to  maintain and preserve these bloodlines, while definately maintaining the level of quality that should always be standard for the Arabian breed!

  The Great Beauty Diadhem posesses is a Key Ingrediant in Quality. He has overall correct conformation; which is so important for Beautiful Flowing and Correct Movement as well as Soundness.

    Diadhem is Tall and Elegant and stands just under 15.3 hands. He has a Beautiful Head, Long Neck,Long Straight Legs, Level Topline, Long Hip, High and Correct Tail Carriage, and wonderful Blue-Black color to top it off!

          Personality! If Personality is something you desire, Diadhem is a great Stallion to Breed your Mare to. He has many fans who love his Look and his Personality. He likes people,and will do all kinds of things to keep them at his stall for as long as possible. He will even stick out his toungue in case someone would like to pet it! He loves to play with toys and it is very fun to watch! He is also very Intelligent so he is very pleasant to work with.

         Diadhem Beautifully Stamps His Signature of Beauty, Quality, Intelligence and Personality on His Foals.


                DIADHEM has a lot to offer to a breeder who wants to have an exceptional foal with Beauty and a fun personality. As your Diadhem  foal matures the Beauty will be a fine asset in the Halter Class. The Personality will help you get to know him or her and can guide you in knowing which discipline he or she will be best suited for in the show ring and/or pleasure riding, as he or she grows into a young adult.   


  • STUD FEE: $1,500.oo L.F.G. Purebred Arabian Mares
  • Half Arabian/N.S.H.: $800.oo L.F.G.
  • Non-Arabian: $600.oo L.F.G
  • Booking Fee:$250.oo
  • Transported Semen
  • 1st Collection Fee $275.00
  • If additional collections are needed-$150.00
  • Disposable Container-$40.00

   We ship Mon-Sat.  Sat. collections  till noon. 

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  • Purebred Arab Mare: Return Breeding for the Following Breeding Season for the Same Mare is a $400.oo discount.
  • Half Arabian/N.S.H. : Return Breeding for the Following Breeding Season for the Same Mare is a $200.oo discount.
  • Non-Arab Mare: Return Breeding for the Following Breeding Season for the Same Mare is a $100.oo discount.
  • Multiple Mare Discount: $100.oo discount to Additional Mares bred in the Same Breeding Season.
  • Black Purebred Arabian Mare: $100.oo discount
  • Al Khamsa Mare: 10% Discount; Multiple Mare and Black Mare Discounts Also Apply.

   Note: Transported Semen (Fresh Cooled or Frozen) Only. Sorry, Live Cover Not Available.

Diadhem has a High Fertility Rate and usually gets the Mare In Foal on the First Shipment.




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          DIADHEM  75% Egyptian 25% Davenport

               100%  Enchanting!!