September 2009

September was devoted toward applying 3 layers of 4mm Okoume mahogany plywood.   A total of 26 sheets of plywood was used.  If I had been a little judicious this could have been reduced by 2-3 sheets by using all my short pieces.  However, I did not want to scab in short pieces.  Just me.  It really would make no difference now that I have done the whole thing.  Before I got started on the laminations, I cut limbers (drain holes) on the high side of every batten on the frames using a 5/8" round router bit.
I started the rear section of the bottom with one sheet of plywood.  I then cut a supply of 5" x 48" pieces.  I started with cutting 10 sheets into this size.  The sides were beveled at 15 degrees to help lock pieces together.
I ran the first layer at approximately a 45 degree angle to the bow.  Near the bow on the bottom and side as well as the stern on the side, I had to reduce the width of each piece to 3" in order to get each piece to lay down without lifting an edge.  I found by doing this, I did not have to scribe any piece into place.
The second layer was laid at  90 degree angle to the first.  The third layer was laid in the same manner as the first.   I used slightly thickened epoxy between the layers.  I found using a notched plaster grout tool the easiest way to spread the epoxy and keep a uniform thickness.