November 2009

November was spent applying finish to the hull.  Simply stated- no fun!!!   I took a break during the finishes and bore the hole for the drive shaft.  There is a link at the bottom of this page detailing the procedure with a pictorial and download of the measurement process.
After all the sanding in October, I applied the stain coat to the mahogany using Minwax Red Mahogany.   It would be an understatement that it was ugly and dark.  Despite all my sanding, there were sanding swirls all over the hull.  It was just not acceptable.  So I sanded all the stain off and sanded again.  I applied the stain to one side.  There were not nearly as many sanding marks this time but still a lot.  Not acceptable.  So off everything came.  After much thought, it was finally decided that my random orbital sander was leaving the swirly marks.  I was blowing the hull off but dust had packed in the marks which did not show until I wiped the hull down with stain.  The stain washed the dust out of the marks   showing them.  The solution.  I hand sanded down thru the grits to 220 with the grain and then wiped the hull down with alcohol.  The third time was a charm.  The tighter grit pattern caused a lighter staining and only one spot of swirls remained.  I will not tell where it is. 
The bottom was primed with Supermarine SM7390 two part epoxy primer.  The first coat showed a few areas that needed some fairing compound.  This was applied with a smooth trowel and sanded with 220 grit.  A second coat applied with no problems.  The epoxy self leveled and was not tipped
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