June 2009

The project started Father's Day, June 21, 2009.  The goal is to have the frames completed by Labor Day, ready to flip by Christmas and launch Memorial Day 2010.  Ambitious but possilbe
Started with laying out the plans and transferring the patterns to 1' white oak stock.  I used carbon paper for the transfer making sure that I transferred to the back side of the plans at the same time.. I  needed this when I laid out the full size frame.
Small windows were cut in the intersections of the frames with horizontal and vertical planes.  This provided a reference point when aligning the plans later.  Noted very quickly that the wrinkles in the folded plans threw off the reference marks so I had to make sure to pull the plans taught.
Rough cut one piece of each frame member and sanded the member until it matched the plans exactly,  Then used this piece as a pattern to cut the matching frame member using a make shift router table and flush edge bit.  I burned up 4 sets of bearings before I realized I needed to add a drop of oil.  White oak is tough on bits
Total time during June - 22 hours.