Welcome: Share with me the joy of building a Glen-L Riviera

During World War II, a missionary in Europe by the name of Corrie Ten Boom led a resistance against the Nazis helping move refugees into safe homes.  Eventually she was imprisoned by the Nazi along with her family.  Only she survived.  She became an incon in her quest and eventually a reknown international speaker and author.  She later was knighted in her homeland Holland for her works in preserving God's chosen people.   During the late 1960's, tradition has it that she was flying over the Ozark Mountains near Branson, MO.  Upon inquiring of her pilot what town was below she asked to land.  When her feet stepped on the ground she declared that God had His hand on this land, that it would be refuge in the end times, a sheltering place, a place that will change the world, one person, one nation at a time.
Fast forward to July 2003.  My family and I were vacationing on nearby Table Rock Lake.   The 5th of July was a rainy day, so instead of boating and skiing as we would normally do we went driving around the countryside.  We happened upon a subdivision overlooking the lake with only one home in it and a 2nd under construction.  We stepped out to witness the magnificent view of Table Rock Lake and a 270 degree 50 mile panorama of the Ozark Mtns.  The view was breathtaking but more so both my wife and I felt an movement in our souls that we belonged on that spot.  Cannot explain it.  Don't want to.  We are simply convinced the Holy Spirit instilled in us the desire to move to that location.
Later that year, a opportunity presented itself to buy that land.  We moved there in Nov 2005.  The atmosphere is thick with God's Blessings.  The people are attuned to Him.  It is a special place.  Corrie Ten Boom was right back in the 1960's.
Why did God move our family here?  I don't know.  But He will reveal it in His timing.   Until then I wait.  Not only for His revelation of why and what purpose but also the coming of my Lord Jesus Christ.
So you ask what has this to do with a Glen-L Riviera.   Well, it has been long my desire to replicate or rebuild one of the old classic mahogany boats.   In the buiding of this home I was able to set aside a portion of the walk out basement as a shop to do just that.  I could not do that in my previous home.  God moving me here allowed me to fulfill a dream.
So the buidling of this boat is the culmination of  that dream.  She is called Midnight Cry.  
Midnight Cry is my favor song, popularized by the gospel quartet, Gold City.  It speaks of the day, Jesus opens the heavens and calls His people home.  I look forward to that day and dedicate this build to Him.

Midnight in Action