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Alex's Musical Perception

This is Alex Patrick Burley's perspective in the language of music.

David performed music excellently on the Lyre (kinnor) which is a small harp for King Saul. 
He played the instrument and composed from his heart. 
1 Samuel 16:14

Music is a form of art and an international language of communication through the Spirit. 
It brings joy, freedom, celebration and peace. 
Wise kings wanted court music for reflection, meditation with the hope of direction.

Court musicians composed and performed music for this motivation. 
 Many people felt privileged to be a part of the court to hear the music. 
Life and times have changed.
The truth still remains to perform with PASSION, SKILL, and MOTIVATION.

Alex performs and composes music for the King of kings 
and anyone in His court.

The Creator, the Son, and the Spirit of Truth 
gave me the passion and skills in musical expression. 

The Trinity allowed me to be a student in music.