[1] Semantic annotation for knowledge management: Requirements and a survey of the state of the art

[comment] 1. 建立了一个模型,包含semantic annotation based knowledge management中的七个问题 2. survey了很多semantic annotation system(手工的,半手工的,混合的)针对以上的七个问题讨论其特性。

[2] The Tragedy of the Commons

Garrett Hardin (1968)

[comment:] U

[3] Similarity of Semantic Relations

Peter D. Turney National Research Council Canada

[comment] journal paper 讲两个词对之间的相似度。区分了relational similarity 和attributional similarity。 引文中包含了不少关于认知科学的内容。

[4] Folksonomies: power to the people

Emanuele Quintarelli,2005

[comment] 分析folksonomy很好的一篇文章。

[5]Tags are not Metadata, but "just More Content" - to Some People

Bettina Berendt, Christoph Hanser ICWSM'2007, Boulder, Colorado, USA

[comment] 文章分析了用户tag的特征,以及用机器学习方法自动tag的文章,然后提出:”tags are not metadta, but just more contnet“的看法。这个说法很有意思。证明的方法是用实验。此文章引用了[4]。

[6]SemKey: A Semantic Collaborative Tagging System

Andrea Marchetti, Maurizio Tesconi, Francesco Ronzano www2006 workshop

[comment] clarify the semantics of tag and the relation between the tag and the tagged content.

[7]Extreme Tagging: Emergent Semantics through the Tagging of Tags

Proceedings of the International Workshop on Emergent Semantics and Ontology Evolution (ESOE2007) at ISWC/ASWC2007, Busan, South Korea, 2007.

[comment] 当时做triple tagging的时候还是考虑到了这个tagging tags 的用处的。可惜它们提的更清楚和明白

[8]Object Categories and Expertise: Is the Basic Level in the Eye of the Beholder?

James W. Tanaka and Marjorie Taylor / 1991/ Cognitive Psycholog

[comment] U

讨论在概念层次中的basic level问题。


[9]Finding the Appropriate Generalization Level for Binary Ontological Relations Extracted from he Genia Corpus

P. Cimiano, M. Hartung, E. Ratsch/AIFB/2006

[comment] U

讨论一个NP-V-NP类型的关系,V映射到一个已知分类结构的哪个层次的问题。"In this paper, we address the issue of determining the appropriate level of abstraction for binary relations extracted from a corpus with respect to a given concept hierarchy"

[10]A Seed-driven Bottom-up Machine Learning Framework for Extracting Relations of Various Complexity

Feiyu Xu, Hans Uszkoreit and Hong Li


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