• Operating Systems: Windows XP, GNU/Linux
  • Computer Languages: Java, C/C++, SQL
  • Databases: DB2, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle
  • Internet Development: Javascript&AJAX, DOM, XUL&XHTML, SVG, JSP, ASP, PHP, etc.
  • Research Experience: information extraction, machine learning, data mining, ontology learning
  • Finished Courses: Mathematical Analysis, Discrete Mathematics, Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics, Analysis of Algorithms and Theory of Computational Complexity, Artificial Intelligence, Game Theory, etc. 
  • Natural Languages: Mandarin (native), English (fluent), Japanese (JLPT Level-2) 


Developer: Tripe-Note

 University of Tokyo (Ishizuka Laboratory)                                      Apr 2005 – Present

  • Triple-Note is a Firefox add-on which allows users to annotate web pages anywhere in a tagging-like function. Annotations are saved in the Apache Tomcat server where learning modules learn from user’ actions and generate annotations for new web pages automatically using NLP techniques. I implemented it with XUL, AJAX, SVG, Java, SPARQL, MySQL, etc. 
  • It is a prototype system for my PhD research.
  • A demo video ++ the screenshots for an older version

Project Leader: Cyber Educational Agent Community: Multiple Agent Interface for Multiple Learners 

Information- technology Promotion Agency (IPA), Japan                                     Oct 2005 – Sep 2006

  • I was the leader of a 3-member team which won the funds of exploratory software project from IPA, Japan (competition rate: 17%). Dr. Alan C. Kay (A. M. Turing Award Winner of 2003) was our supervisor. 
  • Our project targeted at an enhanced e-learning environment which uses the eye tracker and character agents in the learning process. I implemented the e-learning environment with the C/S architecture using Java, MS Character Agent, JSP, AJAX, JavaScript, etc.

Peking University (Artificial Intelligence Laboratory) 

Research Assistant: Concept Lattice Mining from Web Text                         Jul 2003 – Jun 2004

  • Conducted domain knowledge mining using (mainly) the hierarchical agglomerative clustering algorithm. Implemented in Java.

Team Leader: Trading Agent for Online Flea Market                             May 2002 – Sep 2003

  • The trading agent is a desktop application that helps users trace second hand information, and that negotiates trades automatically. General functions such as the crawler, information extraction, and registration board, are implemented and deployed centrally in a server.
  • I initiated the idea and led a 4-member group. I developed the agent-agent and agent-server communicating models, as well as the database accessing model. Implemented in JAVA. Featured by internet and multi-thread programming. Used the Oracle database. It is a project related to our research on software agents. 

Research Internship: Ontology Based Telecom Assets Management

IBM China Research Lab, Beijing                                     Sep 2004 – Mar 2005

  • Implemented the prototype of IBM telecom asset repository in Java for its consultant department. 

Software Engineer: Web Browser for High Definition Television (HDTV) Set-To Box (STB) 

Research Institute of Image and Graph, Tsinghua University                                      Sep 2002 – Feb 2003
  • A project sponsored by the Ministry of Information Industry, P.R.China and collaborated with STMicroelectronics. Five persons were involved in the browser developing team. 
  • I developed the web browser (mainly, the parsing, rendering and drawing modules) for HDTV on the ST real time operating system (OS20) (the STi7020 HDTV chip and ANSI C compatible compiler). I was also responsible for the integrated test. 
  • The prototype led to the cooperation with Opera Software.


Xteam Software (China) Co., Ltd., Beijing                                     Sep 2001 – Feb 2002

  • Tested and analyzed open sourcing softwares under Linux for Intelligent Home Electronics, including the stream media software and embedded web browser. 
  • Developed the UI for SNMP-based network node management system. Programmed in C++ using the Qt library under RedHat.