Curriculum Vitae

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Mobile: 81 +80 6528-7059


Address: Room 3D, 2-6-8 Yayoi, Bonkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 113-0032


Honors and Awards

  • The University of Tokyo Fellowship, 2005 – 2008
  • “Guang Hua” Scholarship, 2003
  • Excellent Student of Peking University, 2003 and 2001
  • Women’s Badminton Doubles Champion of Peking University, 2001
  • Canon Top Level Scholarship, 2001
  • City University of Hong Kong Scholarship, 1999
  • Excellent Student Union Leader of the Dept. of Computer Science, Peking University, 1998

Research Experience

Research Interests: Information Extraction, Text Annotation, Social Semantic Web 

Apr 2005 – Oct 2008, University of Tokyo (Ishizuka Laboratory)   
  • Research Assistant: collective semantic annotation for web text
  • Thesis title: Collective Semantic Annotation for Web Text: Triple Tagging and Triple Extraction.
  • Developed the triple-tagging, a social annotating diagram, which supports the tagging-like functionality to generate structural relational annotations.Proposed and implemented an interactive annotation extraction process using the NLP and information extraction techniques.Implemented an instance system: Triple-Note with Ajax, SVG, Java, and SPARQL techniques. (Demo)

Mar 2003 – Jun 2003, University of Hong Kong (E-Business Technology Institute)                    

  • Visiting Fellow: email classification
  • Proposed and implemented an ensemble classification algorithm that improved (by ~12%) the performance of rare category emails based on Naïve Bayes classifier.

Peking University (Artificial Intelligence Laboratory)                    

Jul 2003 – Jun 2004

  • Research Assistant: concept lattice mining from web text.
  • Initiated the topic, built up and led a 4-member group. Conducted concept lattice mining by exploiting the hierarchical agglomerative clustering (HAC) algorithm and HowNet.Implemented the web data crawling module and the database access module in Java.

May 2002 – Sep 2003

  • Research Assistant: multi-agent negotiation system in flea market.
  • Originated the idea, led a 3-member group. Proposed and implemented the negotiation strategy depending on multi-attributes of commodity. Implemented the alpha version of the MAS system using the C/B/S architecture.


Oct 2005 – Sep 2006, Information- technology Promotion Agency (IPA), Japan 

  • Project Leader: Cyber Educational Agent Community: Multiple Agent Interface for Multiple Learners
  • Leader of a 3-member team which won the funds of exploratory software project from IPA, Japan (competition rate: 17%). Dr. Alan C. Kay (A. M. Turing Award Winner of 2003) was our supervisor. Studied utilities of the eye tracker and character agents in the learning process. I implemented a multi-agent browser-server e-learning environment by Java, Jsp, Ajax, and JavaScript technologies.

Sep 2004 – Mar 2005, IBM China Research Lab, Beijing 

  • Research Internship: Ontology based Assets Management
  • Proposed the ontology for IBM telecom asset repository. Implemented the prototype for asset repository with Java and Sesame.

Sep 2002 – Feb 2003, Research Institute of Image and Graph, Tsinghua University                 

  • Research Assistant: concept lattice mining from web text.
  • A project sponsored by the Ministry of Information Industry, P.R.China and collaborated with STMicroelectronics. Five persons are involved in the browser developing team.
  • I developed the web browser (mainly, the parsing, rendering and drawing modules) for HDTV on the ST real time operating system (OS20) (the STi7020 HDTV chip and ANSI C compatible compiler). I am also responsible for the integrated test.
  • The prototype led to the cooperation with Opera Software.

Sep 2001 – Feb 2002, Xteam Software (China) Co., Ltd., Beijing     

  • Programmer
  • Tested and analyzed open sourcing softwares under Linux for Intelligent Home Electronics, including the stream media software and embedded web browser. 
  • Developed the UI for SNMP-based SNMP-based network node management system. Programmed in C++ using the Qt library under RedHat.  
Nov, 2000 – Dec, 2000Prosten Tech. Co., Ltd, Hong Kong     
  • Programmer, sinofinder project.
  • is a web site for purchase guidance. I was the developer of the UI of the web site.

Other Activities

  • Aug 2007,  Joined the activities of Mitaka volunteer center, Mitaka City, Tokyo, Japan  
  • Sep 2002 – Jan 2003, Teaching Assistant of Peking University
  • Aug 1997 – Cadre of student union of the Dept. of Computer Science, Peking University


  • Operating Systems:             Windows XP, GNU/Linux
  • Computer Languages:         Java, C/C++, SQL
  • Databases:                        DB2, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle
  • Internet Development:         Javascript&AJAX, DOM, XUL&XHTML, SVG, JSP, ASP, PHP, etc.
  • Research Experience:         information extraction, machine learning, data mining, ontology learning
  •   Finished Courses:             Mathematical Analysis, Discrete Mathematics, Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics, Analysis of Algorithms and Theory of Computational Complexity, Artificial Intelligence, Game Theory, etc. 
  • Natural Languages:            Mandarin (native), English (fluent), Japanese (JLPT Level-2) 


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  • Hua Wang, Jie Yang, Mark Chignell and Mitsuru Ishizuka (2006). Empathetic Multiple Tutoring Agents for Multiple Learner Interface, IAT2006 Workshop Proc. (CD-ROM) -- Workshop 8: Int'l Workshop on Communication between Human and Artificial Agents, 4 pages, Hong Kong
  • Jie Yang and Mitsuru Ishizuka: Lego-Note: To Generate Semantic Web Content by Graphic Tagging, Online Proc. Workshop on Scripting for the Semantic Web (SFSW'06), 2 pages, Budva, Montenegro (2006.6)
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