2017 BBQ and 2x4 Contest

Our Annual BBQ and 2x4 contest was held on Aug 15th. The attendance was good and the BBQ and Brunswick Stew was great as usual and prepared again by member "Bubba Green." The 2x4 contest was won by a tight vote by Coley Hamrick.

Click here for pictures of the 2 x 4 entries and Memorial Flag Cases that members have made to be handed out free of charge to the families of Veterans and First Responders to display memorial flags given to the families.

Tom's Precision Sharpening

Just a reminder, Tom's Precision Sharpening of 6247 Hwy 41 S in Bolingbroke (478 992-9091) is offering our club members a reduced price for their services.  Click here for their most recent price list. 

"Hobbit House"

Our latest project, a "Hobbit House" is finished thanks to Phil and Jim and others who helped.
Click here for a slideshow on the building of the house.

Tool Rep Visit

At our Jan 2017 Meeting, we had the privilege of a visit from the local Milwaukee, Ryobi and Ridgid Tool representative.  

Will Weber, theTechtronic Industries Company representative who services the six Home Depot stores in the Middle Ga area, brought an extensive assortment of battery operated power tools from each of the lines.  He discussed and demonstrated the features and differences of the tools and talked extensively about the advancements in battery technology that makes the tools almost comparable to wire cable powered tools.  A good question and answer session followed. 

2017 Raffle House

This year's playhouse will be something different but fun to build. We have already started making it and it will be finished in time for us to bring it to the "Christmas in the South" event @ the Macon Coliseum in November.

Click Here for photos of the building progress.

Image result for Funky Playhouse

Memorial Flag Case Project

Several of our teams are busy making Memorial Flag Cases to be handed out for free to the families of deceased veterans, police and fire fighters.  Here is an example of one of the flag cases made by our members, that was given to the uncle of a MIA Korean War Corporal whose remains were recently escorted home to Georgia.:

Out Of Darkness Project

We were privileged to have a guest from the local "Out of Darkness"  ministry come and talk to our club.  She requested our support in making donation containers.  They will use the container to collect donations for a future "safe house" that they desperately need.  One of our teams surprised the speaker with 18 containers.  Below is a picture of the containers and team members who made them.

MGWA Events

2016 "Raffle" PLayhouse

We have completed this year's playhouse.  It was a "Caboose" style playhouse. The playhouse was raffled @ "Christmas Made in the South" and won by a lucky family.  Thanks to all who helped build the playhouse.  All proceeds again go to Rebuilding Macon 

Click here for pictures of the playhouse building process.

2016 Summer Luau Toy Contest

The MGWA Summer gathering had a "Luau" theme.  It was also our "Unique Toy" contest.  The food was good and the toy entries were good.  Roger Moeller won the most votes for his "Toy Carousel."  Click here for more photos of the evening.