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Alliance Board of Directors - 2020

President:             Jerry Heinrich
Vice-President:     Frank Ibarra
Secretary:             Ron Kapala
Treasurer:             Connie Heinrich
At-Large Members:
                    Bill Bromer
                    Sally Planic
                    Marcia Rousonelos
                    Penny Vanderhyden
Associate Board Member:

                            Christina Sammet

Newsletter Editors: Marianne Hahn and Jolie Krasinski

If you might be interested in becoming a Midewin Alliance board member, would like to attend an Alliance board meeting, and/or if you are interested in serving on a committee, please contact Marcia Rousonelos at petkeepers@yahoo.com or Frank Ibarra at frank@iswan.net. 
Alliance Board Members 2020. Left to Right: Connie Heinrich, Sally Planic, Frank Ibarra, Jerry Heinrich, Penny Vanderhyden, Marcia Rousonelos, Ron Kapala, Bill Bromer.