Reproductive justice matters at Middlebury College--for this who are sexually active and otherwise.
When we first started this project--our final project for GSFS 329: The Politics of Reproduction-- we thought about the reproductive decisions many Middlebury College students make regularly. And we realized that, despite being in a Politics of Reproduction course, we had very little knowledge about available reproductive resources. What services are offered on campus? In the surrounding area? What do Middlebury College students do if they become pregnant? How are students with children treated? From the standpoint of reproductive justice, could we improve the reproductive resources and supports provided by the college?
To answer these questions, we interviewed many people, including:
  • Katy Smith Abbott, Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of the College
  • Greg Buckles, Dean of Admissions
  • Doug Adams, Associate Dean of Students for Residential and Student Life
  • Barbara McCall, Health and Wellness Director
  • Karin Hanta, Director of Chellis House
  • Sally Carver, RN at Parton Health Center
  • Representatives from the Caring Hearts Pregnancy Center and Planned Parenthood in Middlebury, Vermont
The final products: to promote the circulation of this information, we created a photoseries to display in the library to share our findings with a wider audience. The photos can be found here. Finally, we wrote a final paper reflecting on our findings and process, which can be downloaded with this link.

What did we find? 

Middlebury College has a wide range of resources available for students. For a discussion of these resources, please follow the link to our photo series below. 

Most of these resources are free, relatively inexpensive, or covered by the college's health insurance for those students who have this policy. Middlebury accommodates students with children, although it is undeniably challenging financially and logistically to have a child while attending Middlebury College. 

 We have created this website to summarize the services offered at Middlebury College--and to make more clear what resources are lacking. If you are passionate about reproductive rights or justice and would like to get involved with related activism, please contact Karin Hanta or Dr. Carly Thomsen!