External Resources

Planned Parenthood of Vermont
-Most birth control and annual women's health check-ups are free of charge and covered by insurance
-Planned Parenthood will provide services regardless of having insurance. There are affordable coverage options depending on your ability to pay. 

Resources at Planned Parenthood Middlebury: 
-birth control (including IUDs), STD/STI testing, Morning-After pill, Pregnancy Testing and Services, General Healthcare for Women and Men, Abortion referral

Resources in Planned Parenthood Burlington: 
-birth control (including IUDs), STD/STI testing, Morning-After pill, Pregnancy Testing and Services, General Healthcare for Women and Men
-Abortion Services:
    -Abortion Pill: offered 10 weeks after your last period
    -In-Clinic Abortion: offered up to 18 weeks and 6 days after your last period

Caring Hearts Pregnancy Center in Middlebury

Whether a crisis pregnancy center should be added to a list of “resources” is questionable. CPCs are anti-abortion non-profit organizations that consider themselves to be the provider arm of the anti-abortion movement. They are rarely staffed by medical professionals and, because they are not a medical facility, they do not have to follow those protocols that medical professionals must follow (such as HIPPA). These faith based organizations are also not required to hand out medically accurate information.

Caring Hearts Pregnancy Center is no exception. We decided to include this CPC on our list of resources because it is likely to come up in a search. Furthermore, this CPC does provide limited resources—including free pregnancy tests, maternity clothes, and infant clothes. However, keep in mind that this is an anti-abortion and anti-pre-marital sex organization, and their agenda informs all information you will get here, as well as the information you will not get—including any accurate information on contraceptives or abortion.  

National Resources: 

-Planned Parenthood is a national organization that operates in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. They were founded in 1916 on the principle that "women should have the information and care they need to live strong, healthy lives and fulfill their dreams — no ceilings, no limits." 

-Urge (United For Reproductive and Gender Equality): pro-choice, reproductive justice organization that fights to increase reproductive rights access for all women. The website provides fact sheets and issue briefs on current reproductive justice issues and advocates for women's rights in states.

-NARAL: Pro-Choice America group that works to safeguard and expand reproductive freedom for all women. The group lobbies state and national governments. 

-Sistersong: Founded by Women of Color, Sistersong created the Reproductive Justice Movement in order to improve institutional policies and systems that impact marginalized community's access to reproductive rights and social equality. 

For more Information:

-Watch these documentaries

    -12th and Delaware: investigates the issues surrounding Crisis Pregnancy Centers, like Caring Hearts Pregnancy Center. 

    -After Tiller: examines the increase in abortion clinic violence and the subsequent decline in abortions

     -Unborn in the USA: provides an intimate view into the inner workings of anti-abortion activism

     -The Middle of Everywhere: discusses the 2006 North Dakota House Bill 1215 that worked to outlaw abortion in the state. The film looks at the activism that arose on both sides and the ultimate failure to pass House Bill 1215.  

    -Silent Choices: discusses the Black women's relationship to abortion and the inherent inequality in accessing reproductive rights