Frequently Asked Questions: (Answers are in RED)

Is there a financial breakdown of the state money and the town money that is planned to be spent on: (1.) athletic fields (2.)stadium with track, (3.)tennis courts, (4.)seating at all fields, (5.)score boards, (6.)field lighting, (7)fencing, (8.)concession stand, (9.)bathrooms, (10.) sprinkler system for all fields, (11.) field maintenance equipment, (12.)equipment shed, personnel to maintain these facilities.  - See chart below:

What will the cost be to clear the land and build the 2nd access road? – Approximately $275,000
What is the cost to demolish the existing building and remove the material? –
Abatement of the existing building is estimated at $2.3M and the demolition is $854,000
Please explain how the number of sports (boys and girls) and different levels (freshman; JV and varsity) have games and practices at the same time on any given day? –
The in-season sports field use will be rotated between boys & girls and home & away games.  The management of the fields, as it is now, is partly managed during scheduling for the season.  The multi-purpose field will be used for varsity games.  For practices, they will split fields for use by two teams.
Parking will be an issue
1700 1,400 seat stadium with 4oo parking spaces means that every car would need to have over 4 people to handle a sell-out event in the stadium,. Where will everyone else park when this occurs with non-sport events?  - Access roads will be designed to allow parking along at least one side; for big events the schools could shuttle from the Burkland School; Lots of parents drop-offs students for games; Impervious surfaces (paving) are limited by LEED (Green Building Design Standard that is getting Middleborough 2% more reimbursement).

 Some additional positive notes:

  1. Safety will be improved as the athletic trainer will stay on campus and be present for all teams playing.  Currently on game days, the trainer needs to be at all football games, which means if they are called away, then other teams would have to stop/wait for a trainer to arrive or return to the site of the game.
  2. MPS will save money on busing to fields offsite.
  3. Night games for Fall Sports beyond football will be more easily managed and scheduled.
  4. The multi-purpose field will allow MHS to host MIAA tournament games, which can generate revenue.

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