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Old pictures of Middletown Ohio
and related stuff:

page 1: 1900s-1910s

Original State of Ohio seal.

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1910, Middletown Fire Dept (MFD #1), Ohio.

1913, March, 26th, view of Curtis Avenue houses
in the big flood, Middletown,Ohio.

1914, 'Foreign Born Clubhouse' at Armco Steel, Middletown, Ohio.

1924, the town's first community Christmas tree at Vandeveer & Broadway.
1912, Community Christmas tree at Vandeveer & Broadway, Middletown, Ohio.

1915c, Colorized photo of Carnegie Public Library, Middletown, Ohio.

An assortment of historic photos.  
Many were obtained from the MidPoint Library System's database and geneology collections: 
Go to MidPointe's George Crout Collection;
an amazing wealth of local history in words and photos.
Many others pics are obtained from scans of old school years, directories, magazines,
as well as from various online collections.

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