Welcome to Middletown Mall Memories! 

Those that have grown up and lived in Fairmont or the surrounding areas know about the Middletown Mall.  The younger crowd knows the mall as it is today, a shell of it's former self.  Walking into the mall's empty hallways, it's hard to believe this once was a bustling shopping center that everyone from miles around flocked to.  Now the mall is filled with offices, storage, and the occasional shop here and there.  The original store fronts are mostly covered with paintings from local artists.  The floor is in disrepair in many places and during certain times of the day, you would be hard pressed to find anyone wondering about in the mall.

Those whom are a bit older remember traffic backed up on the exit ramp filled with people who were in a rush to finish their holiday shopping.  They also remember the smell of food coming from the counter at everyone's favorite five and dime store McCrory's.  They remember the long hallway leading from Thrift Drug back to the mall,  the purple shag carpeting in DEB, the toy soldiers outside of Hess's, buying a new cassette from Camelot Music and putting it in your Walkman that you bought from Hills.  And speaking of Hills, who didn't love the aroma of the snack bar when you first walked in from outside?  The Middletown Mall is where it was at.  Whether you went to shop for back to school, eat at one of the many great restaraunts, or hang out at the arcade, many memories were made at Middletown Mall.

What happened to this piece of retail history?  I can't say for sure but I believe newer, bigger malls, big box stores, poor management and other problems contributed to the downfall of West Virginia's first enclosed mall.

I started this site due to the huge response of the Middletown Mall Memories Facebook group.  Everyone has been gracious in retelling their stories and sharing photos and other memorabilia.  I hope to frequently add to this site as much as possible and would appreciate any photos, newspaper clippings, sales papers, etc. to add to the site.  I will give full credit and don't even mind if you have a story to tell.  Thanks once again for everyone's help and please enjoy the site.  Please leave any comments on the comment sections of the website.

About the Author:
My name is Jeremy Smallwood and I grew up in Fairmont and spent a lot of time at the Middletown Mall. 
As a kid, I wanted to be an architect and design malls.  I have notebooks filled with drawings of floor plans  with every little detail including trash cans, benches, restrooms, etc.  I was a strange child.  Growing up, I eventually grew out of all of that but was still obsessed with now (almost) empty buildings that at one time flourished.  After searching online, I saw that I was not alone.  Deadmalls.com showcases the best of retail's past.  Places that once drove a community, gave them a place to shop, to hang out and make memories.  The Middletown Mall Memories Facebook Group was started so a few members of my family and friends would have a place to go and play "Name that old store in the Middletown Mall".  It quickly blossomed into a group that now holds over 1,000 members, all from around the country and locally.  The Middletown Mall is an important part of Fairmont's culture and although it's only a shadow of it's former self, we can still preserve it's memory.