Prior to Starting Pre School

Prior to Starting at Pre-School

Your child will be allocated a key person. This person will build a close and special relationship with your child and a strong partnership with you. This relationship can start when the key worker makes a home visit. This is not compulsory for the family but does provide an opportunity for the member of staff to observe the child in familiar surroundings where they will be most relaxed.

The key worker will start to build a picture of each individual child through a series of observations. These observations are carried out by all staff on all children and feed into the curriculum planning. By using observations in this way activities can be planned to extend and challenge the children’s learning and support development of skills.

Observations and photographs will be collated in each child’s online learning profile which is available to you to access though your child's time pre-school - details on how to access this are emailed to you during your child's first month with us. Observations are also placed on a memory stick and included as part of your child's learning journey which is presented at the end of their  pre-school journey.