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New Build News

We've done it!

After 14 years - we have finally made it!! Renovation work now all complete - we open on 19th April 2017!!! Thank you to everyone who over the years have supported us to achieve our dream of having our own building. There are countless people who have been involved over the years and to all these people we say a huge thankyou and invite you to come and see our new building at our official opening and thankyou to the village on 13th May 2017. Watch the website for more details.

 New building News From the Management Team - Jan 2017

“We have to report a very good start to the new year, Northampton County Council have approved a big chunk of our grant application for the conversion of the Sure Start Building, so with the money everyone has raised over the past years, we are all systems go to get on with the conversion and move!   Local firm, Hawkins Steel will be undertaking the work for us, and are getting ready to do a final measure up before they get started. We await the final time line for the project, but will definitely be in for Summer term, probably moving during the Easter Holidays. Lots to do now finalising the details, The staff will be planning the interior and working out what new furniture we need, so its going to be a busy and exciting time this term! We will keep you posted on progress as things develop. Thanks as ever for your continued support”  Dave - on behalf of the Management Team

Building News 2016

We would like to share some very exciting developments with you that we have been working on over the last few months. 

It has been our wish and vision for many years to provide the Preschool with a new building, so the staff and children can have a dedicated facility all to our selves, we long for an outdoor area and a facility all on one level.

I am really excited to advise that today we had a very positive meeting with Northampton County Council starting the formal process for the Preschool to move into the recently closed SureStart Centre next to the Library by the primary school in the village.

The building will require some internal modifications to make it suitable for the Preschool use, but the planning for this is already underway, with costings currently coming together.

The county have some funding available to make changes, and we have a building project fund, built up over a number of years that could also be used. 

I am sure there will be lots of calls for help on a variety of areas so we can move this forward as timely and economically as we can.

We have a lot to do on the project, but will keep you updated on progress and time scales in the news letter.

Best Regards 

The Management team
Dave, John, Richard, Kate, Val

New Build News for Middleton Cheney Pre-school 2012
Some of you may be aware that the Pre-School over the past 5/6yrs has been raising money for a much needed new building in order that the children and staff can have improved facilities.  Therefore, we, the Pre-School Development Committee, feel it is appropriate to bring information on this project up-to-date for existing and new parents, guardians and carers and those in the community who have supported us over the years with a brief overview regarding current progress.
Despite a major set-back at the end of 2010 (when Northants Early Years Child Care pulled substantial funds they had promised) it did not, in any way, alter the determination of those intrinsically involved in achieving the goals initially proposed. 
For transparency, we were slightly short of funds to complete the build, albeit we were talking to other funders at the time, had Accountants look at our Business Plan to ascertain feasibility and had the backing of the local Community.  However, it was felt by those in authority that we would not be able to meet the deadline of March 2011 and hence the withdrawal of the promised funds by Early Years Child Care.  However, Early Years Child Care did their best to improve the School Rooms with a little refurbishment but that work did not and does not meet all of the requirements needed. 
This, as you will appreciate, was a major set-back but not an impossibility to overcome and achieve again with vision and a different mind-set.  With the help of our Committee and those involved with the Development Committee we are back ‘in the saddle’ and moving forward positively. 
As you have read above the project commenced several years ago and you might ask yourselves what has happened to all the money raised during our fund raising sessions.  Well funds, other than Early Years Child Care’s, are still in the designated Bank Account and we are looking at various ways of increasing those funds over the next few months to allow us to move forward quickly with the project.
In addition, we still have planning permission that runs through until July 2013 to construct a new Pre-School Building on the Chenderit School site and our major financial contributors so far are still giving their support to complete this project.
The ethos of the Pre-School can be summed up as follows:
We, at Middleton Cheney Pre School, understand the importance of encouraging children to learn and develop at their own pace, in a positive and supportive environment. Our qualified and experienced staff work hard to provide a well resourced, stimulating and safe environment for all the children in our care.
We fully recognise the essential role parents/carers play in their child’s early learning and very much regard them as a child’s “first educator”. We work in close partnership with parents/carers to provide the children with the best care and education we can offer.
Our child centred approach to learning is based on the needs and diverse learning styles of each child where all are supported to become competent and confident individuals, and we work as part of a multi professional team to ensure that all children fulfil their potential.
We strive to ensure that the care and education provided at our Pre School will give the children a firm foundation on which their lifelong learning journey will grow.
Therefore, together with your continued help and our determination, we can achieve what might seem to some the impossible and reach our goal of a new building for the sake of your children and future generations.
We look forward to working with you.
Middleton Cheney Pre-School Development Committee.