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At Middleton Cheney Pre School, we very much see parents/carers as partners in their child's education. We aim, therefore, to keep you informed with everything that is going on by producing a weekly newsletter.

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                                                                                   21st May 2018





Just a short newsletter this week as we head into half term – lets hope the good weather holds!!


I have to say, I was so impressed with your children last week. After some ‘intensive drilling’, by the end of the week, many of the older ones were able to identify the main members of the Royal family – the Queen, Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Charles, Camilla, Prince William, Kate, Prince Harry and Meghan – and some were even able to state their relationship to each other. The younger ones, hopefully, at the very least would be able to state who is getting married on Saturday – or at least mention Prince Harry!


They appeared to love decorating their lucky horseshoes, and on an interesting note, we (the staff not the children!) decided to have a look into why we have this tradition of giving horseshoes at weddings – we were a little shocked with the explanation! Apparently, in folklore, it is said they were given to ‘ward off the devil’ – oh my goodness - we decided that ‘they bring good luck’ was a more palatable reason to give the children!! 😊


This week we are having a free week which will enable us to tie up some ‘loose ends’, finish off some bits and pieces and give children and keyworkers a chance to choose what they would like to do.


PEThis week’s Getting changed for PE session will be on Tuesday 22nd May during the afternoon session for school starters only. Please remember we need all items of clothes named and placed in a named bag.


All Things Admin and Financial

A message from Kate - We need your help!


As you probably know the wetpour in the courtyard is being put down in half term, so exciting!! There are a few preparations that need to be put in place before this happens and this is where we need you......

Sunday 27th May at 10am - We need as many people as possible to come and help to move some planters and help clear out the shed. The area needs to be completely clear for the work to commence. We really really need helpers for this!

Sunday 3rd June at 2pm - We need to move everything back again!! :) Again, we really need helpers for this.

Please let me know if you can come along and help, hopefully if there are enough people it should take less than an hour each time.


Thanks in advance



Missing T shirt – If your child is a school starter and attends on a Wednesday afternoon, can you please check their light blue Pre School Tshirt. Maddi Tracey’s T shirt went missing on our very first PE session and hasn’t been returned. It is named so should be easy to identify. Maddi has returned a pale blue polo shirt which could be yours – it does not have the pre school logo on it.


Pre School photos -  Have to say we were really pleased with the photos and due to the fact that some of you were ill or on holiday last week, Linda has managed to get the deadline for orders extended to Thursday 23rd May.


Fundraising News


Fundraising Meeting 22nd May 7.30pm at Pre School – Please come along and get involved. We have a number of our group who will be leaving us this year as their children go to school, so we need to get more people involved to continue their good work. Thanks for your support.


Clothes Aid – Thanks to everyone who cleared their wardrobes last week – a bit of a nuisance that the company didn’t pick up on the Thursday as promised, but alls well that ends well and they came on the Friday. Thanks for your support and we will let you know as soon as we are informed of how much we’ve raised.


So all that remains for me to do, is to wish you a restful break as next term is a busy one and tends to fly by in an inkling. Please remember that we do not return to Pre School until the Tuesday 5th June. There will be no Pre School on the Monday

Dates for your Diary

Tuesday 22nd May – Fundraising Meeting 7.30pm – Pre School

Friday 25th May – Last Day of term before Half term break

Tuesday 5th June – Back to Pre School

Tuesday 19th June – Parents Evening  6.30-9

Friday 20th JulySports Morning (TBC with school) , Leavers Presentation and End of Term.

Sports Morning is open to all children irrespective of which day they attend. There will be no afternoon session.


Weekly Reminder


Reminder - The car park at the front of the setting is purely for the staff of the school, Pre School, and library plus four spaces for library users. There is absolutely no parking or drop off in the car park for parents at the school or Pre School. Can you also please ensure that anyone else who is picking up your child e.g. grandparents, are aware of this please – thankyou for your support


Please be aware that we have a child with lowered immunity at the setting, and we therefore respectfully request that your child is kept off for an appropriate period in the event of illness.


We just wanted to keep you updated on the Library. We're sure that you are aware that libraries in South Northants have been under threat for some time now.  Unfortunately last week the decision was made by the Council to close them. Our local library supporters group are working hard to keep the library open.

As we are part of the building that houses the library, we are currently working closely with the Library Committee, the Primary Academy and the Parish and County Councils, We want to ensure that, whatever the decision with the library, the preschool remains unaffected.

We are still in the early stages, but we just wanted to reassure you that at no point has anyone made any indication that the Pre School will need to go anywhere! The Council are keen for the Pre School to remain as it is such a necessary asset to the village.

We will of course keep everyone informed of developments as and when they arise.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions -

The Management Team

Kate, John, Frankie, Taiba, Vikki & Alli







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posted 23 Jan 2012, 12:30 by Middleton Cheney Pre School

Website now online!!

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