Middlesex Town Forest

Explore the Middlesex Town Forest ~ 403 acres of community-owned wilderness off Notch Road 

• community access

• public recreation

• natural resource protection

• forestry management

Since the Wildflower Walk and Celebration in the Spring of 2009, the Middlesex Town Forest Stewardship Committee has been designing the process for developing the property’s management and recreation plan.  At the same time, Middlesex resident and surveyor Mike Patterson has been out in the field marking the forest boundaries.  Thanks Mike! 


Read the Middlesex Town Forest Management Plan oemail us to request a paper copy.  See the Committee Meetings schedule to learn how you can get involved.
For more information about the town forest, please contact Bill Rossmassler at 999-7536.  Inquiries about the project and / or requests to be added to the Town Forest mailing list can also be e-mailed to middlesextownforest@gmail.com.

What’s the benefit of having a town forest?

The creation of the Town Forest means that the land and its natural communities will be permanently protected from development. In the words of former owner Eleanor Ott, the “woods will remain woods forever.” At the same time, the forest will be opened to a variety of uses, including sustainable timber management, environmental education, and recreational activities consistent with the protection of wildlife habitat and natural resources. 

What’s special about the property?

Aside from being a beautiful, largely untouched piece of wildlife habitat, the forest sits atop the ridgeline of the Worcester range with the 2,257-foot peak of Chases Mountain at its northern end. It’s one of the last pieces of the ridgeline to be conserved, opening the possibility of a hiking trail that would run across the entire range, from Elmore State Park to the Town Forest.

What is a Town Forest management plan?

It’s a blueprint for balancing the human uses of the forest with the need to protect its natural resources. It includes:

• a plan for conserving natural resources and wildlife habitat

• a plan for sustainable forestry management

• guidelines for developing allowed recreational and educational uses