Reciprocal Agreement

Middlesex Reciprocal Agreement: following Radio System has a standing reciprocal radio use agreement in place with MiddlesexRadio in an effort to extend coverage area and promote the sharing of information

Merrimack Valley Notification

Updated 6/1/12

Operating Frequencies:

Valley 1 463.500 Mhz(N) PL 186.2
Valley 2 462.025 Mhz(N) PL 82.5
Valley 3 462.550 Mhz(W) PL 206.5
MiddlesexRadio has a full reciprocal agreement with this notification system. All channels and repeaters can be accessed. Merrimack Valley provides excellent coverage of Lowell and Lawrence Mass.

MiddlesexRadio members please contact to receive information regarding the operational guidelines and proper programming configuration for Merrimack Valley.