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Model Congress Resources

Please feel free to visit the pages of the committee you are representing in our Model Congress.

Additional Resources for Writing & Researching Legislation

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How to write a bill/resolution

    After finding a topic that you are passionate about within the jurisdiction of your committee, you need to do research on the topic. You will then need to write your bill/resolution using the information on your cake graphic organizer.

    The preamble needs to explain WHY you are writing your bill and why the government should be addressing the topic. The clauses should always begin with “Whereas”.

    The body of your bill/resolution is divided into sections and subsections. Each proposed idea should be its own section. Subsections should be used to provide further detail and clarification (definitions, etc.) for the appropriate bill sections.

    The enactment clause is the final section of the bill/resolution. This section explains when the bill will take effect if passed. It can give a specific date or a number of days after passage. Keep in mind that enactment clauses within 30 days of passage are for emergency legislation only and must pass with 2/3 majority. Those with at least 91 day enactment clauses only need a majority vote. 
If you need an example of how a bill/resolution should be written, reference the Eliminate the Penny bill at the bottom of the page. 

Use the Bill Template at the bottom of the page to write your bill/resolution. Once you are finished, e-mail it to your TAD teacher or print out a copy to give to her before the deadline! Mrs. Todd (aptodd@wcboe.org) or Mrs. Seman (kseman@wcboe.org)
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