Speak Up

Speak Up
by Janet S. Wong

You're Korean, aren't you?

Who don't you speak Korean?

Just don't, I guess.

Say something Korean.

I don't speak it. 
I can't.
C'mon. Say something. 

Halmoni. Grandmother.
Haraboji. Grandfather.
Imo. Aunt.

Say some other stuff.
Sounds funny.
Sounds strange.

Hey, let's listen to you
for a change.

Listen to me?

Say some foreign words.

But I'm American,
can't you see?

Your family came from 
somewhere else.

But I was born here.

So was I.

Themes, Issues, Concepts: 
  • Asian American poet
  • being "American'
  • tension in a poem
  • immigration
  • stereotypes
  • racism
Literary Terms:
Answer the following question:

"Speak Up" poses an interesting question: just what does make someone an American? Is it something you can see? Is it about where you were born? Is it about where your ancestors came from? Is it about what you can contribute to your country?

Complete the following family tree chart 

Complete the following about the Character in "Speak Up"

 Character 1Character2
 Evidence, DetailsEvidence, Details