Teacher Resources

Here is a list of great teaching resources that could be used to teach students about journalism, in addition to the resources available in the WebQuest.

  • It's News to Me: Discusses specific methods for teaching students about the newspaper.
  • HSJThe HSJ site contains a wealth of information pertaining to journalism. Includes full lesson plans, tips and tricks, and appropriate resource materials. While most information is geared towards high school students, much of what is included could be geared towards middle grade students.
  • Time for Kids: Teachers SiteMagazine articles featuring student voices, quizzes, worksheets, printable, graphic organizers, and much more. Works hand-in-hand with student site.
  • editTEACHOffers lesson plans on how to teach proofreading and editing.
  • Journalism Text by StovallA complete journalism textbook for instructors. Some material is advanced, but basic concepts could be used for all ages.
  • ScholasticInformation for teachers on how to properly teach students about journalism. This site also discusses why journalism is important to teach.
  • Attacking WordinessThis website describes how to write news articles in a way that avoids wordiness, which is a hard concept for most students.