Welcome to the Middle Leaders 
Professional Learning Programme for 2017

This course is designed for all the middle leaders in the school who have responsibilities for teams of teachers. To achieve consistency the school must send all the leaders who have those responsibilities. This will depend on the size of the school and the leadership structure within each school.

It is designed to be linked to the Kiwi leadership model through the “Leading from the Middle” document. 

Research reveals the middle leaders can have the best impact on in school variation when they are focused on addressing student and teacher performance, operating, in effect, as monitors’ of standards across the school. To do this they’ll need the opportunity and skills to effectively analyse, observe and share, offering their best and learning from the best.” National College UK

 The purpose of middle and senior leaders is to improve outcomes for all students- outcomes that embrace their education, welfare and development.” Leading from the Middle 2011

 Best practice,…. comes not from handing resources to people, it comes from teachers thinking differently about teaching and learning, having professional conversations about their practice, and carefully interpreting what they do.” Hattie