What is Middlehaven?

Middlehaven is a Live Action Roleplaying Game (LARP) where players experience an adventure in a simulated environment (created by props, sets, and actors assuming multiple roles). Combat is simulated using foam (boffer) weapons which follow rigorous safety standards. However the focus of all such events is on the story and the characters that make up this fully interactive world.

Where and when does it happen?

Middlehaven takes place in East Setauket, Long Island, on private property that has been graciously provided to us. As such we try to respect our hosts by not publicly listing the address online. What we can tell you here is that the site is less than 10 minutes from Stony Brook University. Once you register, we can send you further details and the exact location of the site.

What do I need to play?

At the very least you need to bring a tent, a chair, and we recommend bug spray and sun lotion.

If you are not an NPC, you will also need to bring your own costumes, armor, and makeup which would fit a medieval/renascence setting. And while we try our best to make "Loaner Supplies" available to new players who don't have them, we prefer if you could bring your own. Other costuming requirements will depend on the kind of character you decide to play. For example, an Elf would require elf ears or a way to cover your ears.

Snacks and drinks are provided, but dinner and breakfast must be purchased separately unless you decide to bring your own. Smoking on the premises is permitted (as long as it's outside), but drinking alcohol is not.

*For more information, go to the "Rules" section (a collection of documents) and open the document at the top; "How do I prepare for Middlehaven LARP". This which give you more detailed information. 

What is the difference between a PC and an NPC?

PC (Player Character), is the part you choose to play in Middlehaven. An NPC (Non-Player Character) is a part we give you to play. You can think of  a PC as a Protagonist and an NPC as a Supporting Character or Antagonist.

If you choose to help us by taking the part of an NPC for an entire event, we'll let you play for free, and give you the same XP you would have gotten if you had attended as a PC.

What are your payment and refund policies?

Other than registering here (and remember, new players play for half price), you may also pay by check, please e-mail us for the address. 

Also, please make sure to write the name(s) of the Player(s) on the check.

We also accept cash on site, but admission and meal ticket costs are more if paid on the day of event . We highly recommend you register as soon as possible to give us a chance to integrate your character into the storyline.

*Pre-Registration saves $10, and must be done at least 10 days before the event. After that events cost $10 more. 

We can provide a refund should you need to cancel as long as you notify us BEFORE the event in question. We offer 100% money back as long as we're notified at least 10 days before the event, and 50% after that. Within 24 hours of the event all the money you gave us will have been spent and no refunds will be possible. 

Further Questions?

I created a "How to Prepare for Middlehaven LARP" document to help


But beyond this, feel free to e-mail me at: