The next Middlehaven Event "TO BE ANNOUNCED" will be on APRIL 11th -12th at the ESTONIAN HOUSE OF MIDDLE ISLAND
(Note: This is a CAMPING event. Sleeping overnight is encouraged, but there is a $10 site-fee for each tent. Cabins *may* also be available. Meals are always served at our events!)

It is at 20 Middle Island Blvd, in Middle Island, NY. 
This event will be $40 for returning players, $20 for new players and EMTs with Pre-Registration. Late registration (less than 10 days before) will render an extra $10 fee. Meal costs included. *Refund policy; before 10 day limit FULL refund! Inside the 10 day limit 50% refund, under 24 hours notice NO refund ('cause we spent it already). 


(Or alternately, you can simply contact me "" and I will assist you with registering)

* New players or any players who need to borrow gear, set up characters, or need an orientation- BE THERE AT EARLY!

*If you need to show up late, please let us know in advance. Otherwise you could be surprised when you walk into something. 


   It was a simple mission. Lord and Lady Lockhart asked you to escort some prisoners to Vrengar for trial. The war torn roads of southern Fallstav are known to be dangerous, and the guardian detail was for the protection of the prisoners as much as it was to prevent their escape...but then that FREAK snowstorm set in.

  You traveled for a day through the blinding white and the howling cold. Frozen to the bone, unable to feel your hands and feet you trudged on, hoping to find Shelter. The Dabith follower in your party, somehow, found a path in the waist deep snow. It lead to the Temple of Guarded Repose, a local Dromidigen Temple. "No one has come this way in Months!" You were told, "There has been no traffic to or from the Temple in all that time. This is a remote area, but the priests must have sent someone out for supplies before the winter, wouldn't they?" That realization sent a chill up your spine.

    Then, as the shadow of the Temple's walls came into view just barely visible through the white, you felt it. A lingering presence, a malevolent hunger boring into your soul like the eyes of a starving wolf. A deep howl rose from the storm. You prayed to the Gods at the it was the wind. In your heart you know it wasn't, the wind cannot scream. 

*****PRE-REGISTRATIONS must be received 10 days before the event, or by MIDNIGHT FEBRUARY  18th.


Players Arrive and get into character: 12 noon
-Check in Opens- 
Player Meeting at 1 pm
-Check in Closes-
Game Start is at 2 PM -Sharp!- 

BREAKDOWN: 4 pm in the SUNDAY. -We desperately NEED help breaking down!!! (we are all going to be as tired as you, so please pitty the poor staff members). 

*HALF PRICE DISCOUNT for Doctors or EMTs who bring their gear still applies and is eagerly appreciated. 

*HALF PRICE DISCOUNT for new players! 

Link to Facebook GROUP:

*** If you need to create a character or pick an existing pregen and send it here. To NPC, all you need to do is Inform us. Returning players who want to update their character prior to this event need to send Their updates here TEN DAYS prior to the event. If you wish to pay for your registration by Karma, contact Conrad directly.


 Admission with Meals Included (for special dietary needs we must be informed at least 10 days in advance of the event)
For NPCs the game is FREE:
to secure your registration.
My Alternate e-mail is: