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The next Middlehaven Event "The Mayor's Dilemma" will be March 15th at LUNACON, running between 6pm and 10pm at the Convention; Westchester Hilton, Rye BrookNY 
  This event is FREE to any guests at the Con, and even though pre-generated characters will be used you can still earn XP for your own individual LARP character. Please feel free to ignore the pricing information below (I am leaving it for our next "pay to play" event) however you are also welcome to join our Facebook group. 


(Or alternately, you can simply contact me "" and I will assist you with registering)

* New players or any players who need to borrow gear, set up characters, or need an orientation- BE THERE AT EARLY!

*If you need to show up late, please let us know in advance. Otherwise you could be surprised when you walk into something. 

*Return Policy: 100% Return (unless a 'bumped' registration is requested to another event) as long as there are 10+ days before an event. At 3+ days before an event a 'bumped' event is still free and a returned event incurs a 20 fee. On the day of the event, all transactions are final and no returns or bumped events can be offered. 

*****PRE-REGISTRATIONS must be received 10 days before the event, or by MIDNIGHT February 26th.  

*HALF PRICE DISCOUNT for Medical Doctors or EMTs who bring their gear still applies and is eagerly appreciated. 

Link to Facebook:

*** If you need to create a character or pick an existing pregen and send it here. To NPC, all you need to do is Inform us. Returning players who want to update their character prior to this event need to send Their updates here TEN DAYS prior to the event. If you wish to pay for your registration by Karma, contact Conrad directly.

 Admission w/o In game Meals
For NPCs the game is FREE:
to secure your registration.
My Alternate e-mail is: