The next Middlehaven Event "The Masquerade" will be on MARCH 11th at the Estonian House of Middle Island 

*ONE DAY GAME Event; Starts at 11 am Sat and runs until approximately 9pm. Break-down until 12am*


(credit to Temporal Fugue)

Fangs and claws well sharpened
eyes yellow, green, or red
Attacking, not defending
residing, in my head

Jealousy, vanity, and insecurities
hiding in the shadows
Never letting me, be me
watching at the windows
fiddling, with my keys

Most monsters don't know
of what or how, they're made
Following the ebb, and flow
of my mental, masquerade

The Next Middlehaven Event; "The Masquerade" will be at Estonian house of Middle Island. On Saturday March 11th from 11am to 9pm (Breakdown until Midnight-- and we will certainly need the helping hands). This is a ONE DAY event.

20 Middle Island Blvd, Middle Island.

Google Maps LINK:

This event will be $40 for returning players, $20 for new players and EMTs with Pre-Registration. Late registration (less than 10 days before) will render an extra $10 fee. Meal costs included. *Refund policy; before 10 day limit FULL refund! Inside the 10 day limit 50% refund, under 24 hours notice NO refund ('cause we spent it already).

(Or alternately, you can simply contact me "" and I will assist you with registering)

* New players or any players who need to borrow gear, set up characters, or need an orientation- BE THERE AT EARLY!

*If you need to show up late, please let us know in advance. Otherwise you could be surprised when you walk into something.

*****PRE-REGISTRATIONS must be received 10 days before the event, or by MIDNIGHT, Wednesday March 1st


The Grand Count Polignac of Fallstav is throwing a party, the "Introduction" of his beautiful bride to be- and you are all invited! This promises to be THE social event of the season.

OOG: *COSTUME CONTEST: Part of the fun of the Masquerade is to GUESS Who might be under each costume. Boxes will be set up, for you to describe the costume and guess the person beneath it. 
If ANYONE guesses who you are before the "first dance" then you are out of the game. The winner (or possibly winners) of this game will win a prize. 
*NOTES ON COSTUMES: Since we are all LARPing anyway- how it is possible to tell a "real" monster from a costume? For the contest costumes must be hand crafted from materials which are available to a Medieval society- cloth, leather, wood, plaster, paper mache, etc. (You can have some plastic embellishments- but the mask itself must clearly NOT BE latex or plastic).
If you see a "Monster Thing" Wearing Latex or plastic mask then that looks "extremely real" to you. You may giggle and say, "Wow, what an incredible costume. It looks completely real." Or you may cry havok and beat it down- that is up to you.
PPS: Any PC or NPCs who can act as completely In Game Dance Instructors will be hired by Count Polignac to assist with the party- he is aware that many of his guests will be ignorant of the various courtly dances enjoyed by noble folk and has hired these people to assist you. (Please contact our staff)

Register using PAYPAL Widgets below- or email about alternative methods.

 9am - to 12pm: Setup*
11am: Check in Opens-
11am: New Player Meeting 
Opening Meeting at 12 pm (check in closes)
Game Start is at 12:30 PM -Sharp!-
Game Ends at 9pm Sat (closing meeting)
9pm to 12 Midnight: BREAKDOWN*

* The Staff of Middlehaven heartilly depends on Player help during Setup and Breakdown. At the end of the game, we are just as exhausted as you. Please help if you can. Working EITHER setup OR breakdown also earns you +1 XP for the game.

*HALF PRICE DISCOUNT for Doctors or EMTs who bring their gear still applies and is eagerly appreciated.

*HALF PRICE DISCOUNT for new players!

Link to Facebook GROUP:

*** If you need to create a character or pick an existing pregen and send it here. To NPC, all you need to do is Inform us (and its FREE!!!). Returning players who want to update their character prior to this event need to send Their updates here TEN DAYS prior to the event. If you wish to pay for your registration by Karma, contact Conrad directly.

*(Sleep Over Events Only): A glow stick on your bunk will prevent us from waking you with Monster attacks, but if you require a completely private 
place to sleep- a glow stick on the outside of a TENT is the way to do it. 

New Players are always welcome! 

*New and need advice? In the registration site click on the tab for "Rules"- in there you will find the "How to Prepare for Middlehaven LARP" document. Got questions? E-mail me at

Deadlines: Please remember, all "In Between Game Actions": Such as; Astrology Requests, Investigations, Legend Lore Research, and Character Updates MUST BE SUBMITTED 10 days before the event. We would prefer that new players also have characters submitted before that time. 

Link to the Facebook EVENT:

(*Clicking "I'm Going" is helpful to us, but it does NOT COUNT as a pre-registration. Actual funds must be transferred for that!)

*** If you need to create a character or pick an existing pregen and send it here. To NPC, all you need to do is Inform us (and its FREE!!!). Returning players who want to update their character prior to this event need to send Their updates here TEN DAYS prior to the event. If you wish to pay for your registration by Karma, contact Conrad directly:


 Admission with Meals Included (for special dietary needs we must be informed at least 10 days in advance of the event)
For NPCs the game is FREE:

Our Paypal email is:

If issues with these "Widgets" arrives you can paypal these funds directly.