May 1st Mission Statement:
On Tuesday May 1st, 2012, we invite anyone who's interested to partake in alternatives to school and work for one day. Middlebury May Day Joycott is our act of solidarity with worldwide calls for justice—social, environmental, and economic. May Day (May 1st) is an international labor day and is grounded in a history of the oppressed demanding rights and recognition. As a group of students, we feel it is important to come together to acknowledge and explore the global labor force that constructs our everyday reality. Let’s take a day to learn from each other, share, build vocabulary, and open dialogue (while having a lot of fun).
Joycott [joi- kot]
The notion (and action) of a radical acceptance of the ideas of social, environmental, and economic justice that are worth fighting for. Implies a rejection of oppression, yet remains within an all-inclusive discourse.

(Meet for activities in the Gamut Room Ampitheatre - on the South side of Gifford Hall)
Morning activities: 
8:30 "Sunrise" chalking
9:00 Speeches played across campus
11:00 Naptime at the alternative tent-library
11:30 Race for a classless society
Lunch activities:
1:00 Workshop: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack
2:00 Handstands + headstands for change
Afternoon activities:
3:30 PM – Dining Hall Dish Scavenger Hunt with Prizes!
4:30 PM – Debate time – Soapboxing-Match
    Debate A – Democrat versus Republican versus Anarchist; partisan politics and their relevance to college
    Debate B – Sociology versus Economics; capitalism and the perpetuation of the ruling class – FREE POPCORN
Evening activities:
9:00 PM Film screening followed by discussion

If you would like to lead an event or activity, please email Amitai Ben Abba at