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Leaf pictures





Fresh Leaves, 12" x 16", Colored pencil
Spring maple leaves in yellow-green and green with a dark blue background
Fallen Leaves, 16" x 12", Colored pencil on blue paper. Silver maple leaves in shades of gray and brown with one leave in yellow
Leaves In Boat, 12" x 16", colored pencil and watercolor on watercolor paper. Silver maple leaves on a gray-brown background.
Blue Maple Leaf, 6" x 8", colored pencil.
Blue-green maple leaf with tan winged seeds with dark tree trunk and yellow and green background.
Oak Leaf, 8" x 12", Derwent drawing pencils on black paper. Burr oak leaf in brown, orange and yellow.
 Grape Leaves in Window, 16" x 12", colored pencil on tan paper. Wild grape leaves grown into an empty window.
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The Hand of Time, 16" x 12", colored pencil on gray paper. Fallen silver maple leaves laying on weathered gray boards, in shades of yellow-green and grays.
Leaves in Gutter, 16" x 11.5", colored pencil on gray paper.
Grounded Oak Leaf, 16" x 11.5", Derwent drawing pencils on brown paper.