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Apple Tree, 15" x 12", carbon and white charcoal pencils on tan paper. An apple tree in winter with patches of snow on the ground and dropped apples.
At The Barn, 20" x 16", colored pencil on green paper. Two bay quarter horses standing near a weathered red barn in spring. Currently at Sixth Street Gallery, Vancouver, WA. Hand Drawn show.
Bangor Mill Window, 20" x 16", colored pencil and watercolor on watercolor paper. A bare tree near a boarded up window of an abandoned building constructed of yellow, pink, tan and gray limestone blocks.
Bay Window, 20" x 16", colored pencil on bristol paper. Window of an abandoned house surrounded by trees and summer greenery.
A Country Lane, 18" x 24", oil pastel on white colorfix paper. Colorful fall scene of a dirt road, trees, tasseling corn and a patch of bright red sumac.
Clearning, 16" x 20", oil pastel on white colorfix paper. Mid-summer scene of brown tree trunks lit by sunlight.
Exposed, 12" x 16", pastel on blue paper. Old barn with a missing wall exposing old hay bales in a yellow-brown fall field and a clear blue sky.
Foggy Morning, 9.5" x 12.5", colored pencil on gray paper. Early morning summer fog in grays, yellow and green.
Disintegration, 12" x 18", pastel and conte crayon on gray paper. Winter scene of neglected barn with white snow, gray trees, yellow-brown grass.
Black River Backwater, 10" x 18", pastel. Late fall scene at McGilvray Bottoms with blues, yellow, green and black.
Early Dawn at Otter Creek, 17 x 14.5", Oil pastel on colorfix paper. Early spring picture of hickory and ash trees along Otter Creek, Minnesota.
Melting Snow, 12" x 18", conte and pastel on gray paper. Late winter in browns and grays.
Oak Tree on Hillside, 18" x 22", charcoal on white paper. Sunny winter scene of a bare oak tree in a snow covered pasture.
The Right of Way, 9" x 12", colored pencil on gray paper. A gray day scene with a bare willow tree trimmed to make way for power lines. Light gray, brown and yellow.
Stone Shed, 18" x 30", colored pencil and watercolor of watercolor paper. Textures of of gray and brown wooden shingles and pink, blue, gray and tan rocks with dark open windows and doorway and green bushes. 
Spring Green, 16.25" x 12.25", colored pencil on blue colorfix paper. Lush green rainy spring day with a grazing dark brown horse in a pasture.
Rocks in the Woods, 9" x 12", pastel on light tan paper. Impressionist style pastel of pine tree trunks with yellow grass and gray rocks.
The Open Door, 16" x 19" colored pencil. Midsummer scene of a white building with two ash trees in front with brown trunks and green grass and foliage.
Morning Watch, 9" x 12", colored pencil on light gray paper. Early morning scene of the La Crosse River Marsh of a heron perched on a dead tree with the fog burning off with greens, yellow and gray.
Winter Storage, 12" x 16", Derwent drawing pencils on warm gray paper. Bright winter sunshine scene of weathered farm building and automobile.
Winter Shadows, 10" x 18", hard pastel on white charcoal paper. Bright winter sunshine scene of a tree and cast shadows on the snow.
Wet Snow, 18" x 24", Oil pastel on primed paper. Cloudy winter scene of a bare tree covered with snow in a field.
Waiting, 18" x 12", Colored pencil and watercolor on watercolor paper. Cemetary sculpture of an angel with a trumpet. Done in grays with a blue sky and orange and green  foliage.
Trophy II, 9" x 12", Colored pencil on gray paper. Parts of a deer skull and antlers lying on an asphalt road. Done in grays, lavender, blues and white.
Sheds and Pine Tree, 15.7" x 19", tinted charcoal on white charcoal paper. Weathered gray boards with touches of yellow rust and green pine tree.
Pass Through, 11" x 18", colored pencil on white bristol paper. Portion of an old barn with worn red boards and yellow limestone blocks with green grass and orange and red daylilies.
Late Afternoon, 17" x 24", watercolor and colored pencil on watercolor paper. Late afternoon winter scene with a clear blue sky, weathered white house and outbuildings, red pickup truck, spruce trees and snow patches on green grass.