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Animal drawings

Red Cow,
14" x 10", pastel on blue paper. Red Angus cow in shades of red and orange with green and blue-green background.
 On Watch, 9" x 12", colored pencil on blue paper. Black and white long haired cat sitting by door. in Shade of blue, gray and white.
Rabbit in Snow, 8.5" x 12", Derwent drawing pencils on black paper. Brown and gray cottontail rabbit on white snow.
Squirrel on Fence Post, 12" x 9", Derwent drawing pencils on gray paper. Brown and gray squirrel sitting on an unpainted fence post.
Stable Cat, 15" x 12", Derwent drawing pencils on black paper. Calico cat looking into interior with a bright background and black and lavender interior.
Winter Palomino, 8" x 10.5", Derwent tinted charcoal on white paper. Palomino horse in its winter coat walking through snow.
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