Bugfix updates to Sangband 1.0.0 final and Unofficial Beta versions 


Bugfixes Only (latefix 3) 

Unofficial Beta version (beta 2)

Spare config.txt


All bugfixes are included in the  
  •  Quests should no longer repeat, at least it should be really unlikely now, this time for sure.
  •  Some effects of doomspells will no longer be activated with wands of spark!
  • Wielding a 2-hander while wielding two weapons no longer deletes the weapon on the arm.
  •  Items which cure stunning no longer automatically identified (a fix in set_stun).
  • Throwing now displays the ability to take the Oath of Iron properly.
  •  Plasma Hounds gain IM_FIRE, as they're plasma breathers.
  •  Turns now displayed in character screen.
  •  Stores should now order items properly.
  •  Fixed error in Oath of Iron martial art damage.
  •  Dragon breathing now lets you know if you don't have any essences.
  •  Stair creation will only create down staircases for ironman characters.
  •  'C'haracter screen changed slightly, now correctly displays cancelled flags, and emphasizes immunities.  Temporary resists are also included.
  •  Burgling an item should now report the correct quantity of items recieved.  This may do funny things to items that change names when they are in your inventory.
  •  Mushrooms should sometimes break in traps now.
  •  Heroism will now always cancel fear.

Gameplay Changes:

Gameplay changes only appear in the unofficial beta version of the game.


  •  Harder quests should now be harder, and getting quest monsters that are deeper than expected will net fewer of them.
  • Device penalty is now 33% for Oath of Iron characters.
  • Worn (non-artifact) equipment is now easier to activate.
  • Scale mana/HP when changing wielded objects.
  • Decrease Oath of Iron requirement to 25, and slingers get it at the same point as everyone else.
  • Penalty to skills starts at (power - 10), rather than (power - 8) * 8 / 10.


  • Rings of Ice, Fire, Electricity, Acid, and Venom now have EASY_KNOW -- this way their resistances will show up on character screen properly, and since they're never cursed, it shouldn't be a big deal.
  • Mushrooms of Metamorphasis will no longer always change race after first use, though it will happen more often than with first consumption.


  • Narya, Nenya given more personality.
  • Give Tuor invisibility flag, reduce pval to 3; give Luthein invisibility flag. 
  • Paur* gauntlets are now branded (applies to martial arts attacks).
  • Stores show their investment.

Melee, Martial Arts, and Ranged Combat 

  • Martial arts rewritten; now they have flexible numbers of blows, critical like melee weapons, use deadliness (karate uses dexterity) and give different bonuses (wrestling gives str, hp, tunnel; karate gives dex, speed, and stealth).  Damage should be a little higher than it was.
  • Cap on melee skills now eliminated from casters -- now instead, it is reduced by a fraction (1/3 for oathed, 1/6 for non).  For priests it is 1/6 for blugeoning, 1/2 for sharp, and for paladins it is no reduction for blugeoning and 1/3 for sharp.
  • Allowed for gauntlets to have slays and brands which should apply to martial arts attacks.
  • Power of a brand increases with skill -- damage bonus ranges from 1/3 to 3/2 the previous value.


  • Perception grants infravision to make shadowstalkers more playable (at 10, 30, 50 and 70).
  • Oathbound burglars get "Darkness" talent (mapped to "[-").
  • Oathbound Burglars pick locks, chests, disarm, and use devices just fine in the dark.
  • Infravision maps interesting terrain.
  • Light Sources of Darkness added (useful for shadowstalkers), cursed lanterns less common.


  • No longer gain XP for casting new spells (it's like learning the entire second book at once).

Known Bugs: 

  • Home duplication/transmogrification bug.
  •  Town graphics bug.
  • Quit-without-saving-or-giving-error-messages (I suggest you turn autosave to the most frequent setting).
  • Jeweled mimics recall.
  • Fundamental errors in the new display routines.

Planned Changes

  • Allow for spellcasting and/or (partial) scroll reading for shadowstalkers
  • Decrease the penalty to burglary for non-oathed characters
  • Fix the display glitches and no-save-quits
  • Fine-tune martial arts damage
  • Improve necromantic casting while in darkness,  pious casting while in the light

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