Joshua Middendorf's Projects

Games of Many Types

Currently, I am maintaining  several projects:

  • Frank and K's Rules for D&D PDF
    • Tomes of Necromancy and Fiends, Dungeonomicon, and Races of War
    • Redesign of several races, tons of classes and prestige classes
    • Warrior classes which are balanced against primary spellcasters
    • Rules for the "wish economy"
    • All in one handy cross-linked pdf (roughly 200 pages), and written in LaTeX with the source available
  • A Precision Bridge Convention Card (doc)
    • 16+ 1C opener
    • Redesigned 1D
    • A new approach to 1 Major bids 
    • Formatted in MS Word for dual column landscape orientation, maybe a html port eventually
    • Work in Progress
  • Official current bugfix version for Sangband, a rogue-like game
    • "Sangband is a dungeon adventure game, a variant of Angband, which is a variant of Moria, which is a descendant of Rogue.   Its primary inspiration is the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, among the greatest wordsmiths of the English language."
    • Roguelikes in general are non-realtime, overhead tactical and strategic dungeon-crawling games.  In their purest form, each tile is represented by an ascii character.  Angband has been ported to a large number of platforms.
    • While the maintainer is away, I will do my best periodically fix bugs and update the SAngband code with non-controversial changes
  • Unofficial beta version of Sangband
    • Includes all the bugfixes, and is a testbed for new ideas
    • Redesigned martial arts to include deadliness and criticals
    • Improved support for "shadowstalker" characters, including terrian detection
    • Elven Rings are redesigned to be more different and unique from each other and also more thematic.