Conducting the Draw
One of the main duties of the Field Clerk is to conduct the draw of hounds competing in each stake. At our club's trials, this responsibility is usually overseen by either the Field Chairman or the Field Trial Secretary, with the assistance of at least one Field Clerk to record the results on the Record Sheet for that particular stake and on a blank Draw Order Form. 

As soon as possible after Roll Call and Inspection are completed, and the "running order" of breeds in competition has been posted for the exhibitors, a Field Clerk should announce that the draw is beginning and where it is taking place, since the draw must be done in full public view on the trial grounds.
All entry forms for the first stake to be run (typically the Open Stake for Afghan Hounds, if the running order has been determined in alphabetical order of breeds) are compared against the Roll Call Sheet in order to remove any entries of hounds that did not pass Inspection (i.e., absent, in season, declared lame, or having a breed disqualification). Next, entry forms for this stake should be checked to see if any owner with a multiple entry in any one breed has indicated that his or her hounds should be separated. (Owners with kennelmates running in the same stake may be concerned that these hounds may be excused by the Judge(s) if they play with or course each other if run together.) 
If an entry form requests that an owner's hounds be separated, a symbol should be made on the reverse side of each of the entry forms from the same owner where this information appears. For example, for each stake's entries, the numeral "1" may be used on the first owner's entry forms, and "2" can be assigned to the second owner's entries in this same stake, and so on, to identify entry separation anonymously as the draw is conducted. If hounds' names are known to the person(s) conducting the draw as the running order is established, the draw has been "fixed," which is emphatically against the rules!
Next, with all the entries face down, they are pulled in groups of three (whenever possible, each course consists of three hounds):
As the courses are drawn, one volunteer can read off the call name, the owner's name, the course number, and blanket color. Another volunteer can record this information on the Record Sheets and Draw Order Forms.