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National Clubs:
AKC - American Kennel Club
UKC - United Kennel Club
OFA - Orthopedic Foundation for Animals
Info Dog  (MBF-Inc.) - info on dog shows

Useful Information in emergencies:

Area Kennel Clubs:

National Lure Coursing/Racing:

ASFA - American Sighthound Association
AKC - Lure Coursing Information

CWA - Continental Whippet Alliance

Local Lure Coursing/Racing clubs:

CLCS - Carolina Lure Coursing Society

CAHC - Carolina Afghan Hound Club
SHOT - Sight Hound Organization of Tidewater
CHAMP - Coursing Hounds Association of the Mid-Potomac

BGCC - Blue Grass Coursing Club

HLCC - Hanover Lure Coursing Clubs

GRR - Georgia Rag Racers

GANG - Greyhound Association of Northern Georgia

MAWRA - Mid-Atlantic Whippet Racing Association

SSRRC - Sunshine State Rhodesian Ridgeback Club
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