Watkins Glen 2018

Reflections from: Garry Dammons 

Our Road Trip began with our Meet and Greet Breakfast at Cracker Barrel York, PA on Friday April 13. There my wife and I had a gift for the group. The gift bag included two shirts which read "Money Can't Buy You Happiness, But it Can Buy You A Fiero". For our two Camaro friends, their shirts in the back read "We're With Them.” Also in the bag were oil rags, a Fiero Flag, and a plastic cover-all. 

We hit the road at 11:30 am and traveled north. Earlier in the morning I received a call from a member, Tom, who wanted to travel north with us. Did I mention he was already up north in New York? He traveled south to catch up with us.

We made it to Watkins Glen where the temperature had dropped from a warm 65+ to the low 40's. Dinner Friday night was at the House Of Hong. Saturday, breakfast was held at Chef's Diner. It is a great place to talk over old memories and make new memories. After breakfast we drove to the Watkins Glen track. You will notice the altitude change in the pictures. There was no fog at breakfast, but that soon changed as we drove up the mountain. Our track runs were at a lower speed for safety. (Video on YouTube Foggy Fieros)

Later that evening we had dinner at The Decoy. Members enjoyed a very large dinner. All and all it was another great Watkins Glen trip. Our Fiero Family cannot wait until next year! 

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