Watkin's Glen 2017

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A great time was had by all - by Garry Dammons

Our story starts with three Fieros from Maryland meeting at the Cracker Barrel in Shrewsbury, PA to have breakfast before heading to New York. We enjoyed great conversations over good food. My wife, Vickie, and Dwane Jackson's daughter, Jen, took a stroll in the gift shop before we left. Dwayne, Kenny (Darlington) and I spoke of driving routes and passed out walkie talkies to keep in contact with one another during the trip before officially hitting the road. 

As we drove further North towards our destination, we encountered rain, sleet and snow, but we pressed on, stopping a few times for snack and fuel breaks. We arrived at the hotel to hear from Rob Holtz and the Irwin family. They also encountered snow on their way to the Gorgeous View Motel.
Once Rob arrived and unpacked, the group left for dinner.  We all sat down for a great meal at the HOUSE OF HONG. The chatter was rather loud and another couple stopped by our table as they were exiting the restaurant to comment that they enjoyed our conversation.  We discussed the events for the following day.  The forecast called for a breezy and cold day - highs in the mid 30s! BRRRRRRRR!   

After dinner, my wife and I left to stop at Walmart for batteries.   I parked the Fiero away from the others and upon exiting Walmart found two Fieros, one on each side of ours - our group from Canada was finally here and safe.  My wife and I returned to our (thankfully) pre-heated room for the evening.  
Saturday morning was a "Greet & Meet" of old and new Fiero friends. During our breakfast, Rob gave us our track time, which was 9:00 a.m. We were all ready for a good run. Greg and Tourit went to the grandstands for picture taking.  Most of us got tickets for 9 runs. Six Laps for Saturday and 3 for Sunday.   After our 6 fantastic runs that morning we left for lunch, making a return visit to The House Of Hong. After lunch, a few of us walked next door to the movies where we saw Beauty and The Beast. Rob went off to take some great pictures of his car and grabbed a canoli (or two!) at a nearby establishment.  We all agreed that taking a nap before dinner was a good idea.
Dinner was at 6 PM at the Decoy Restaurant making this another year of great meals. Dwayne and Jen mentioned getting ice-cream from Ben & Jerry's, which was another great pit stop for our group. That night we all returned to those pre-warmed rooms (are you seeing a pattern that heat was on our minds?). Phone text messages were sent for wake up calls, and off to bed we went.
Sunday was our last day at the Glen. Cars were packed and we set off to breakfast at Chef's. We were seated in the rear where we enjoyed another great meal and had a really good picture was taken.  We were excited to get back to the  track. There were 250 Mini Coppers scheduled to attend that day as well. Our group was one of the first groups set to run. After our laps, we stopped off to get our track photos and give out hugs/kisses to all and wished everyone a safe trip home.
Did I mention the temperature was in the 50s at the track and in the 60s for the ride home? Thank goodness it was warm again! As we headed south, it was a smooth ride home as the Fieros purred down the road.
We all agreed that it was a fantastic event and we’re all already looking forward to 2018's Opening Day!