Quarantine Car Show (QCS)

MAFOA is looking to help the Fiero Community break the boredom during these tough times.


We are getting ready to kick off our Quarantine Car Show! The entry period will run for the next two weeks - all entries must be submitted by 11:59 PM on April 11. It is our hope to have voting up and running by Monday AM - April 13.

In order to participate, you must submit the following to jennifer.g@fieropride.com . All photos must be of what your car looks like currently and must be for a car you own. (i.e. if your car is currently a V8-swapped vehicle, you can't submit pictures of when it was all stock).

1. A side shot

2. A shot of the engine compartment

3. At least one interior shot

4. Front compartment shot (optional)

You must also provide the year, model and mileage - as well as your name and hometown - as well as any affiliated clubs (if applicable).

Classes are as follows - show mgmt. has final call on classing. If classes exceed 10 cars, splits will be listed alongside. For further classing info, please visit the link below.

Class A: Stock Notchback (3 or less "minor changes)(Can be split into Coupe & GT/Aero SE)

Class B: Stock Fastback (3 or less "minor changes)(Can be split into 86/87 GT & 88GT)

Class C: Custom Notchback (Unlimited minor or medium changes/no major changes i.e. visible engine swaps or major body panel changes)(Can be split into Mild - stock color, 3 or less customizations & Wild - non-stock colors, 4+ customizations)

Class D: Custom Fastback (same as above)

Class E: Modified Notchback (Unlimited Changes/Includes all cars with visible engine swaps or major body mods such as Norm's Front End, Scissor Doors etc.)(Can be split into 3800s, V8s, All Other Swaps)

Class F: Modified Fastback (same as above)

Class G: Kit Car

Class H: Work-in-Progress (Enter your disassembled projects, in-progress projects etc.) Must include a brief write-up of what you're working on.

Prizes are still being finalized but will include gift certificates to Fiero vendors and other Fiero-related perks! We also hope to allow participants to host FB lives to show off their cars if they wish to do so!

Voting guidelines will be announced shortly as well!