Lititz Spring Fling 2019

This year’s Spring Classic will again be held at the Lititz Spring Park in Lititz, Pa. (about 9 miles north of Lancaster) at the Reedy Pavilion on May 4th.  In the Spring of 2015, our event focused on member Fiero upgrades and enhancements… a good time was had by all.  So back by popular request the event will feature our cars and what we have done to them (ok... and maybe a little of what they done to us).  This event is a also a “bring-a-plate” picnic event oriented toward not only the Fiero owners, but their family members as well.  The event is open to both MAFOA Club Members and non-members too. The day is planned as follows:

Pre-registration for your car is $8 for current club members and $12 for non-members.  At the event registration table you will receive a $5 return if you brought a “plate”.  You can also receive another $3 return with your donation to the prize table.  Donations can be new or used Fiero parts, Fiero collectibles, car care products or even tools.  Non-members, of course, can receive $5 membership discount if they join the club at that time.  Day of the show registration is $5 in addition to the above.

 Swap meet vendor fees are waived for current club members and $5 for non-members. 


8:00 A.M. till end.   Cleaning / gleaming / streaming of ideas. Instead of competing for trophies, the focus will be on showing and exchanging ideas, modifications, upgrades and personal enhancements.    

Show field placards will be provided at the registration table.  We ask all participants to list on their placards the enhancements and upgrades they have made to their Fieros before posting the placard on their windshield.  That should start plenty of conversations and sharing.  Folks will be interested in where the parts were obtained, costs and time involved, level of difficulty, etc. 

Oh yeah…..and you can park anywhere in the show field you want, just don’t run over any of the ducks. 

 Swap Meet:

8:00 till 2:30 P.M.  The club will again be renting the very large Reedy pavilion.  The pavilion has ample table space for both the picnic and for the display of Fiero parts, toys or literature to swap or sell.  This is a good time to wheel and deal some of those unwanted or unused items that have been taking up space.  It’s also a good time to pick up a few more desirable pieces for your collection.  Or to get gifts for the “significant other” Fiero fan… or even yourself.


Noon till end.  Each participant may opt to bring one dish for the Club Table and be credited $5 toward the event admission.  You may also bring as much of your “own” food as you like.  Please check with Tom Derr ( and use subject line of “Picnic” who will be coordinating the Picnic Tables.  The club will be cooking dogs and burgers for $1 each to help cover the expenses of the Dutch Classic.


2:30 P.M.   Tickets will be available at the Registration Table.

The Setting:

Repeating from past years, Lititz Spring Park is, well, just one gorgeous setting.  It is very historic too.  In spirit, the park began in May 1778 when its peaceful beauty and qualities were recognized and used by Tobias Hirte, who laid out a special place for the town musicians to play, and was also used by convalescing Revolutionary soldiers from the nearby Moravian Church.  As early as 1811 Fourth of July celebrations were held at the park and continue to this day as one of the oldest and best known celebrations in the country.  I could do a chapter here, but for the sake of brevity check it out at  The park features a confluence of underground springs that emerge at one point.  This point is enclosed by tall limestone walls and a stoned-banked oval is formed that creates a stream (Lititz Run) that flows through the park.  The stream is fabulous with stone arch bridges, and lots of ducks.  The bank is lined with mature trees and the grounds are well groomed and include a band shell, toddler area, sand volley ball courts, a large gazebo, etc.  At the entrance of the park, beautiful in its own right, is the old historic train station, now serving as a park and railroad museum.  Behind the building is a restored caboose that may be toured

The Town:

Litiz was voted “Best Small Town – USA” several years ago… and with good reason.  This town was founded in 1756 and is world renowned for not only the Park, but also for the historic houses.  You can step back to the 1700’s by touring some of these homes;  the Sturgis Pretzel House, the first pretzel bakery in America still set up as in days of olde………and you can even twist your own pretzels; the Johannes Mueller House which is maintained inside and out in that time era; the Schropp House next door which has become the home of the Lititz Historical Foundation and contains a collection of early Lititz artifacts; The Woerner (Community Cooper, Bleeder and Tooth Drawer) House which is as built except for the dormers added; the Zum Anker Inn 1764 (now called the General Sutter Inn) which is one of the longest continuous operating Inns in the US of A; the General Sutter House, built in 1871 by John Augustus Sutter……..he’s the fellow that had a Mexican land grant (now the city of Sacremento) in the Sacramento Valley, he was deprived of his land when the US government did not recognize his claim……(the fact the “California Gold Rush” was on his property might have had a little to do with it)… poor health and nearly bankrupt he moved to Lititz in hopes of finding some relief for his ailments in the park springs; the Linden Hall School for Girls founded in 1746 is the oldest girls’ resident school in the U.S, this school was and still is run by the Moravian Church; the Moravian Church which was deeded 491 acres in 1756 by John Klein for the purpose of organizing a church settlement to be named Lititz.  For its first 100 years only members of the Moravian Church were permitted to live in town.  The Moravian Square features the Brothers’ House, the Church, the Parsonage, and the Sisters’ House, as well as more modern building used in support of the church and Linden Hall.  There are a lot more historic homes to be viewed, but not to be missed is the fine array of antique stores, arts and crafts shops and small businesses throughout the town…….great shopping.  There is much history to be absorbed, but rest assured this town is rich in history and tradition and is proud of its heritage.  It is a walk back in time in a town filled with charm where folks all know one another and community is still alive.  Check out for more details and directions.

All of the above is easily within comfortable walking distance as the Park is in the town itself, and hey………for you chocolate lovers…..the Wilbur Chocolate  Museum / Store is right across from the Park.  Good place for the chocolate-phials to go while the Fiero folks talk car and shop.  Check it out at

So dust off the winter doldrums, get your puppy out and give her a shine, and bring it, your stories and smile to the Lititz Spring Fling.  Hope to see you there.

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