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Mid-Atlantic D.O.G.S. is a 501(c)(3) organization and receives tax-deductible donations from individuals, organizations, and corporations.   We are composed entirely of volunteers who give of their time, knowledge, and skills without compensation so that "others may live".   Funds received are used to support our mission by supplying our operational K-9 teams with communication devices, safety equipment, and when possible, for reimbursement of mileage incurred while responding to search missions; by supporting our members in their training; and for material / brochures for our SAR awareness and SAR prevention programs.  

Mid-Atlantic D.O.G.S. would like to thank all the individuals, organizations, and corporations that have supported us throughout the years with donations of funds and equipment to assist us in meeting the needs of the community whenever there is a person lost, missing, or trapped.

If you would like to make a tax deductible donation: you can send a check payable to Mid-Atlantic D.O.G.S. to:

Mid-Atlantic D.O.G.S.
P. O. Box 841
Rockville, MD   20851


If you are a federal employee or military personnel, you can donate to Mid-Atlantic D.O.G.S. through the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) of the National Capital Area by designating #78182 as your recipient. https://my.cfcnca.org/?search&key=SEARCH_CATALOG_36d281f27040e5aa1d9ebdb209b21401/#results


 You can also donate online through justgive.org to Mid-Atlantic Dogs, Inc.:  EIN 52-1659829